Main news for 3 December 2019

As seen, Paul being very serious about his service and witness did not all the same find it as the ultimate truth. He admitted that even quite right things, of which he writes in his messages, can cause disagreement, and did not consider it as a sufficient reason to count opponents as enemies of God and the Church. There is nothing surprising here. Because on one hand Paul is a person of the Torah, and on the other - a person of the Kingdom. As a person of the Torah, he understands perfectly that the only reason for counting anyone as enemy of God is an open violation of the Torah, the commandments given by God. When it is about such violations, Paul makes no compromise. When it is about important things, but not related directly with the violation of the Torah, the apostle doesn’t considers himself in right to refuse the one who disagrees the right of spiritual consistency.

Of course, the disagreements can be, maybe even the lack of communication, when the opponents are separated and divider into various meetings, but they always remain brothers and members of the same Church of Christ. And as a person of the Kingdom, the same Paul understands perfectly that for every person, is absolutely real only one variant of the spiritual experience – his own. We cannot live the spiritual life of others, we can only live ours.

The imitation of the spiritual life of others is possible of course, but it kills spiritually man. And Paul always tried to make sure that each finds his own way to Christ and the Kingdom. On this way, everyone of course makes mistakes, sometimes similar to the mistakes of others, sometimes not. But the apostle recognized the right to make mistakes for the seeker of the Kingdom. The only thing that was unacceptable for him - deceit and lie, and of course the imposition of one’s spiritual experience or religiosity to another. Here he became merciless, and it is not surprising: for him all this was absolutely incompatible with the Kingdom. And for the rest Paul gave to each freedom. This freedom of the Kingdom, without which salvation is impossible.

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