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At the daily updated main page — one can always find the main news of the day and daily readings according to each of the five plans, short teasers to the notes on each of the today’s passages, announcements of the new articles and books in the library, and news of the site. These announcements along with the navigation panel are present on each and every of the site’s pages.

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This section of the site contains full Bible texts in several languages.
So far it includes Russian Synodical version, King James version (English), Louis Segound (French), La Bibbia (Italian), Nova Vulgata (Latin) and Septuagint (Greek).

Also this part of the site contains some additional reference sources — tables etc.

We plan to enrich this section with new translations of the whole Bible text and of certain books, along with new references and tables.


Here you can find «Commentaries on the books of Old and New Testaments» reprinted from so called Brussels Bible (Russian translation of the Bible with appendixes. Fourth edition. ©  Zhizn s Bogom, Brussels, 1989), that has also been published separately (Key to understanding the Bible. ©  Zhizn s Bogom, Brussels, 1989). It is made up of historical, linguistic and denominationally balanced theological commentaries. Please note that comments to an exact passage are also backed up with commentaries on the whole book and on the group of books to which this passage belongs.

Future development plans for this part of the site include adding more commentaries  — in Russian and other languages.

Scripture passages, as well as commentaries on them, may become a source of various questions. That’s why we’ve enriched these pages with forms for asking such questions, answers to which we’ll try to find together.


This page is daily filled with notes on various Scripture passages. Teasers and announcements of all of today’s notes can be found on the main page. All notes in chronological order are stored and can be accessed from the Archive page. Every page of this part of the site includes a form for sharing with us your comments, which are very much appreciated.


Here you can find various articles and books on the Bible. Please note that all of these texts are protected by the Copyright Law of the Russian Federation. In case of quoting a reference to the copyright holder is obligatory. Form of such references to the articles and other materials belonging to the site can be found inside this section of the site.


Links to various Bible-connected resources in Russian and other languages. The list of the links is updated regularly due to our readers’ contributions.

Daily readings

On the main page of this section you can find descriptions of all the 5 Bible reading plans that are present on our site: Orthodox Readings, Catholic Lectionary and 3 plans for systematic Bible studies — for a year, 3 years and 5 years. Today’s passages according to all of these 5 plans can also be found in this section.


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  • additional content for the understanding and study of the Bible.

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