15 january 2021

King James version (en)

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

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God’s deed, from the creation of the world to our days is edification. He created the world, the sky and the earth, the seas and all that is contained there...

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The Decalogue also known as the Ten Commandments is one of the central documents of biblical revelation. The Decalogue was central in the law in the Old Testament; it has not lost its significance after the conclusion of the New Testament. In addition, for more than three millennia passed since the revelation of the Decalogue, it provides and continues to provide exceptional, comparable with nothing, impact on culture and civilization. What the modern man calls "universal values", in essence, is the moral component of the...



Why such a difference in the Jewish and Greek chronologies ? How to explain that in the beginning God creates people and gives them the commandment of reproduction (what they did not do while in Paradise), and then in the chapter 2 He creates the woman? Does it mean then that the second chapter doubles the first?


For a long time biblical texts existed in the form of separate fragments, and only then were collected in single rolls (and after into book). More, compilers often inserted in the the... 

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