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The Bible seems to be the only link today between all Christians and all those who don’t consider themselves as Christ’s followers but do recognize the Bible as a perfect moral law for humanity. Moreover, in Russia where there’s a multitude of denominations, including a number of Christian confessions, and where there are thousands of seeking atheists, the Bible may become a real meeting point and a basis for building mutual understanding without being a bone of contention and causing new divisions.

We tried our best to make this site suitable and friendly for everyone. We welcome everyone to come and join us in reading, studying and contemplating the Bible. Those who've never looked under Bible's cover. Those who need help in reading and understanding it. Children who need shorter texts to read. Those who know in general what is written in the Bible, but would like to get a little deeper. Those who read and reflect on the Scriptures daily. Clergymen and pastors who are more than anyone in need to deepen their knowledge of the Bible. Scholars looking for a site to publish their works at and to communicate with one another and with their readers. We would like everyone to be able to visit this site and to encounter the Word of God, to get deep into it and to feel the benefits and virtues from the reading, to meet fellow readers and to share with them reflections on the Bible.

We hope that the team of the site and you, its visitors, share the perception of the Bible revelation as an essential and central part of our spiritual life. That’s why we’ve given the project such a name, and that’s the reason why we choose for each day a passage from the Bible as a MAIN NEWS of the day, which is followed by 5 optional plans for regular Bible reading. In order to help you study and think over these passages there are always short reflections (or Notes), comments and references available with each passage for the day.

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Dear friends,
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