Russian resources

  • – News, Bible text, chat, forum and much more
  • – Father Alexander Men Foundation site, books about the Bible etc.
  • – On-line library of sermons and books of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
  • – Site dedicated to Bible studies
  • – The St Philaret's Orthodox Christian Institute


Bible software


Resources in english

  • – Large portal with a comprehensible navigation and study system
  • – Special resource for Devotionals, the whole text of the Bible
  • – Jesuit Congregation site. Studying options varying depending on your level, interesting and useful information
  • – Ecumenical Patriarchate in the USA. Bible study plans, news, articles, cathecism.
  • – Portal with Bible reading plans of different duration
  • – Extensive and detailed Bible atlas
  • – Quite useful site with many translations


  • – Catholic forum for English-speakers with sub-forums for Christians of other denominations and non-Christians

Multilingual resources

  • – Apparently the most quoted on-line Bible reading system (one-year reading plan), (With Russian among the translations)
  • – Translation by World Bible Translation Center. Russian translation can be accessed from the main page

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