Main news for 24 January 2020

And in the evangelic time, and in the ancient times in the synagogue and in the environment around the synagogue, one of the most popular and the most controversial questions was the question on what we can and has to do in order to have the right to enter the messianic Kingdom, or, in other words what to do "to inherit eternal life", as formulated it one seeker of the right way who addressed Jesus. Such question supposed that we can deserve somehow or other the Kingdom, that man is in principle capable if it is not to create this Kingdom by his own strengths (nothing similar could come of course in the head of a normal Jew), then at least, to bring his part of contribution to its creation, when the Messiah will come. But it turns out that it is not at all the case.

It turned out that nobody can help at all the Messiah in the edification of His Kingdom. And not only because it is prevented by the human sinfulness, but also because it is impossible to build the Kingdom by the laws of the not transformed world, and by no other law, we, living completely the life of this world, can build it. On the other hand we can another thing: accept the Kingdom brought to the world not by us, and carry it further.

By the way, it is for this that John calls the addressees of his message: he says to "abide in Him", meaning of course that the Savior. Indeed: because the Savior carries the Kingdom in Him and with Him, in Him all its plenitude, which He can and is ready to share with us. In this regard, we have nothing to bring in the construction of the Kingdom, we can not complete it at all, we can only accept it, as a gift, which it is impossible for anybody of men to deserve. Even our righteousness, which, in fact, is only a reflection of God's righteousness, does not complete the Kingdom: because it is in fact also not ours, it does not belong to us by nature, if we are righteous, then it is not by our strengths and in spite of our own sinfulness.

But well, in order to bring the Kingdom further in the world, we can be useful, and here our righteousness will not be superfluous. Of course, for that it is necessary to join at first the Kingdom and its life so that will be what to carry. But, on the other hand, once having joined, it is already impossible to stop: because in our world being transformed, but not yet transformed, the Kingdom can exist only in a dynamism, either it widens, spreads in the world, taking more and more new hearts, or disappears, becoming invisible.

And we, as inhabitants of the Kingdom living on the border separating it from the not transformed world, are on the wave of this transformative breath which penetrates the world. And, if we want to remain inhabitants of the Kingdom, it is impossible for us not to breathe it, and thus, not carry it forward. Only in this way, according to the idea of the apostle, abiding in Christ and living His life, we can appear in the day of the return of the Savior before Him, as his, as participants of this work, that He began and that He allowed us to participate. The works, due to which appeared to us the possibility to live the life, which otherwise would remain for ever inaccessible for us.

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