Main news for 17 January 2022

Four people bring the paralytic to Jesus; it wasn’t easy, they had to dig the roof of the house and move down on a mat the patient to Jesus’ feet. It is clear that this paralyzed man is dear to them, because we do not make such efforts for somebody who is indifferent to us. It is as well clear that these men want Jesus to heal this patient, their love for this man and their impossibility to heal him on their own strengths generate in them hope and confidence in Jesus Christ. And the Lord Jesus sees their faith.

“Certain scribes” also sit here; they don’t trust Him because all that He makes and says questions their relations with God, relations that they consider their selves professionals. Probably, we cannot even imagine what "bomb" the words pronounced by Jesus were. The Evangelist Marc informs us about the embarrassment and the irritation of the scribes: they cannot accept the truthfulness of these words, and so, it is a blasphemy to appropriate oneself divine privileges. But the friends of the ill one shouldn’t have been perplexed, because they did not bring him to Jesus the Savior for that! What Jesus Christ accomplishes later, answers both embarrassments: faith never turns out fruitless, and disbelieving to the truth turns out humiliation.

Jesus is always unexpected in His ministry, shocking unexpectedness. This unexpectedness overturns people’s usual ideas and makes them able to receive something new, and ipso facto to change. Haven’t we lost the feeling of His unexpectedness, aren’t we used to Him, haven’t we made Jesus Christ incomprehensible and unilinear to us, bringing nothing new into our life? If the answer is yes, then we have been closed from a real meeting with Him - the Lord Jesus Christ.

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