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When does God forgive our sins


The question of at what moment God forgives man is a great mystery, over which struggle several theologians. Some of them say that God being slow to anger and of great mercy forgives the sin at the same moment of its fulfillment; problem is when man can accept this forgiveness, come to God, be healed of the seal of the done. Very often in the life we do things, for which we have already asked once or twice for forgiveness to God; the way of healing consists as well in the fact that every time, having fallen, we found in us the strength and the courage to receive forgiveness and continue to live.

In any case, the Bible summons us to turn prayerfully to God with repentance. In such prayer, it is necessary to evaluate the degree of self-guiltiness and its intention and then ask forgiveness to God for what we did consciously or unconsciously to someone. Besides, it is necessary to try to correct the consequences of our acts, as much as possible. Finally, a firm resolution not to commit such things in the future is important for repentance. If we ourselves are able to forgive others, then we will be able to accept the forgiveness of Christ. And He forgives everything we bring to Him with sincere repentance.

Repentance is done with God only in prayer and (in normal case) in the Church; The Church in the person of the priest is the witness of the repentance and the hands of Christ, Who transmits through it His forgiveness.

It is also possible to say that the Bible calls us to a realistic relationship with self, to the knowledge of one’s own sinfulness and infirmities, human limits. Maybe, especially the fact that none of us is insured from mistakes (rather, the contrary) shows more clearly how much we are in need in any deed of God’s help. Indeed, it is not for nothing that the Christ said: “without Me, he could do nothing”.

Besides, confession is the last step in the process of repentance, when the Church in the person of its servants accepts again the sinful man in the community of Church. In other cases confession is not necessary, but very desirable: Christians do not totally realize and that until now, the full meaning of this sacrament; in addition the Lord reveals to us new aspects of this sacrament.

However, it is necessary to notice that forgiveness is granted by God not because man participates in confession and, probably not when it occurs, - but when man turns to God with a sincerely broken heart about his sin. In the confession, the Church only witnesses this fact and makes forgiveness a reality of our life.

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