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Why such a difference in the Jewish and Greek chronologies ? How to explain that in the beginning God creates people and gives them the commandment of reproduction (what they did not do while in Paradise), and then in the chapter 2 He creates the woman? Does it mean then that the second chapter doubles the first?

 For a long time biblical texts existed in the form of separate fragments, and only then were collected in single rolls (and after into book). More, compilers often inserted in the the collection some dissimilar narratives about the same subject, having an equal spiritual meaning and coming from the same source. Often the divine inspiration of the text was "de facto" recognized by the divine inspiration of the writer. This is also in particular applied to the narratives of the creation of the world and man. Genesis 1 and Genesis 2-3 are two parallel narratives different by origin, talking about the creation from various points of view.The first chapter speaks about the succession of events, the second and third - only of their logical link and sense, without touching chronology. In Antiquity every nation had its historic chronology. Some considered the time from kings, others from the Olympiads, others again differently… That is why there is no universal chronology. However, chronologies are all the same close to each other to within a few decades.

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