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New American Standard Bible (en)

Isaiah, Chapter 1

1 The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz concerning Judah and Jerusalem, which he saw during thea Lit daysreigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.
2 Listen, O heavens, and hear, O earth;
For the LORD speaks,
“Sons I have reared and brought up,
But they have revolted against Me.
3 “An ox knows its owner,
And a donkey its master’s manger,
But Israel does not know,
My people do not understand.”
4 Alas, sinful nation,
People weighed down with iniquity,
b Lit SeedOffspring of evildoers,
Sons who act corruptly!
They have abandoned the LORD,
They have despised the Holy One of Israel,
They have turned awayc Lit backwardfrom Him.
5 Where will you be stricken again,
As you continue in your rebellion?
The whole head is sick
And the whole heart is faint.
6 From the sole of the foot even to the head
There is nothing sound in it,
Only bruises, welts and raw wounds,
Not pressed out or bandaged,
Nor softened with oil.
7 Your land is desolate,
Your cities are burned with fire,
Your fields—strangers are devouring them in your presence;
It is desolation, as overthrown by strangers.
8 The daughter of Zion is left like a shelter in a vineyard,
Like a watchman’s hut in a cucumber field, like a besieged city.
9 Unless the LORD of hosts
Had left us a few survivors,
We would be like Sodom,
We would be like Gomorrah.
10 Hear the word of the LORD,
You rulers of Sodom;
Give ear to the instruction of our God,
You people of Gomorrah.
11 “What are your multiplied sacrifices to Me?”
Says the LORD.
“Id Or am sated withhave had enough of burnt offerings of rams
And the fat of fed cattle;
And I take no pleasure in the blood of bulls, lambs or goats.
12 “When you come to appear before Me,
Who requirese Lit of your handof you this trampling of My courts?
13 “Bring your worthless offerings no longer,
Incense is an abomination to Me.
New moon and sabbath, the calling of assemblies—
I cannot endure iniquity and the solemn assembly.
14 “I hate your new moon festivals and your appointed feasts,
They have become a burden to Me;
I am weary of bearing them.
15 “So when you spread out your hands in prayer,
I will hide My eyes from you;
Yes, even though you multiply prayers,
I will not listen.
Your hands aref Lit full ofcovered with blood.
16 “Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;
Remove the evil of your deeds from My sight.
Cease to do evil,
17 Learn to do good;
Seek justice,
Reprove the ruthless,
g Or Vindicate the fatherlessDefend the orphan,
Plead for the widow.
18 “Come now, and let us reason together,”
Says the LORD,
“Though your sins are as scarlet,
They will be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They will be like wool.
19 “If you consent and obey,
You will eat the best of the land;
20 “But if you refuse and rebel,
You will be devoured by the sword.”
Truly, the mouth of the LORD has spoken.
21 How the faithful city has become a harlot,
She who was full of justice!
Righteousness once lodged in her,
But now murderers.
22 Your silver has become dross,
Your drink diluted with water.
23 Your rulers are rebels
And companions of thieves;
Everyone loves a bribe
And chases after rewards.
They do noth Or vindicatedefend thei Or fatherlessorphan,
Nor does the widow’s plea come before them.
24 Therefore the Lordj Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts,
The Mighty One of Israel, declares,
“Ah, I will be relieved of My adversaries
And avenge Myself on My foes.
25 “I will also turn My hand against you,
And will smelt away your dross as with lye
And will remove all your alloy.
26 “Then I will restore your judges as at the first,
And your counselors as at the beginning;
After that you will be called the city of righteousness,
A faithful city.”
27 Zion will be redeemed with justice
And herk Or returneesrepentant ones with righteousness.
28 Butl Lit crushing of transgressors and sinners shall be togethertransgressors and sinners will be crushed together,
And those who forsake the LORD will come to an end.
29 Surelym So with some mss; M.T. theyyou will be ashamed of then Or terebinthsoaks which you have desired,
And you will be embarrassed at the gardens which you have chosen.
30 For you will be like ano Or terebinthoak whose leaf fades away
Or as a garden that has no water.
31 The strong man will become tinder,
His work also a spark.
Thus they shall both burn together
And there will be none to quench them.

Isaiah, Chapter 2

1 The word which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.
2 Now it will come about that
In the last days
The mountain of the house of the LORD
Will be establisheda Lit onas the chief of the mountains,
And will be raised above the hills;
And all the nations will stream to it.
3 And many peoples will come and say,
“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
That He may teach usb Or some ofconcerning His ways
And that we may walk in His paths.”
For thec Or instructionlaw will go forth from Zion
And the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.
4 And He will judge between the nations,
And willd Or reprove manyrender decisions for many peoples;
And they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not lift up sword against nation,
And never again will they learn war.
5 Come, house of Jacob, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.
6 For You have abandoned Your people, the house of Jacob,
Because they are filled with influences from the east,
And they are soothsayers like the Philistines,
And they strike bargains with the children of foreigners.
7 Their land has also been filled with silver and gold
And there is no end to their treasures;
Their land has also been filled with horses
And there is no end to their chariots.
8 Their land has also been filled with idols;
They worship the work of their hands,
That which their fingers have made.
9 So the common man has been humbled
And the man of importance has been abased,
But do not forgive them.
10 Enter the rock and hide in the dust
From the terror of the LORD and from the splendor of His majesty.
11 Thee Lit eyes of the loftiness of menproud look of man will be abased
And the loftiness of man will be humbled,
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.
12 For the LORD of hosts will have a day of reckoning
Against everyone who is proud and lofty
And against everyone who is lifted up,
That he may be abased.
13 And it will be against all the cedars of Lebanon that are lofty and lifted up,
Against all the oaks of Bashan,
14 Against all the lofty mountains,
Against all the hills that are lifted up,
15 Against every high tower,
Against every fortified wall,
16 Against all the ships of Tarshish
And against all the beautiful craft.
17 The pride of man will be humbled
And the loftiness of men will be abased;
And the LORD alone will be exalted in that day,
18 But the idols will completely vanish.
19 Men will go into caves of the rocks
And into holes of thef Lit dustground
Before the terror of the LORD
And the splendor of His majesty,
When He arises to make the earth tremble.
20 In that day men will cast away to the moles and the bats
Their idols of silver and their idols of gold,
Which they made for themselves to worship,
21 In order to go into the caverns of the rocks and the clefts of the cliffs
Before the terror of the LORD and the splendor of His majesty,
When He arises to make the earth tremble.
22 g Lit Cease from manStop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils;
Forh Lit in whatwhy should he be esteemed?

Isaiah, Chapter 3

1 For behold, the Lorda Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts is going to remove from Jerusalem and Judah
Bothb Lit staffsupply and support, the wholec Lit staffsupply of bread
And the wholed Lit staffsupply of water;
2 The mighty man and the warrior,
The judge and the prophet,
The diviner and the elder,
3 The captain of fifty and the honorable man,
The counselor and the expert artisan,
And the skillful enchanter.
4 And I will make mere lads their princes,
Ande Lit arbitrary power will rulecapricious children will rule over them,
5 And the people will be oppressed,
Each one by another, and each one by his neighbor;
The youth will storm against the elder
And the inferior against the honorable.
6 When a man lays hold of his brother in his father’s house, saying,
“You have a cloak, you shall be our ruler,
And these ruins will be under yourf Lit handcharge,”
7 He willg Lit lift up his voiceprotest on that day, saying,
“I will not be yourh Lit binder of woundshealer,
For in my house there is neither bread nor cloak;
You should not appoint me ruler of the people.”
8 For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen,
Because theiri Lit tonguespeech and their actions are against the LORD,
To rebel againstj Lit the eyes of His gloryHis glorious presence.
9 k Or Their partiality bearsThe expression of their faces bears witness against them,
And they display their sin like Sodom;
They do not even conceal it.
Woe tol Lit their soulthem!
For they have brought evil on themselves.
10 Say to the righteous that it will go well with them,
For they will eat the fruit of their actions.
11 Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him,
Form Lit the dealing of his handswhat he deserves will be done to him.
12 O My people! Their oppressorsn Or deal severelyare children,
And women rule over them.
O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray
And confuse the direction of your paths.
13 The LORD arises to contend,
And stands to judge the people.
14 The LORD enters into judgment with the elders and princes of His people,
“It is you who have devoured the vineyard;
The plunder of the poor is in your houses.
15 “What do you mean by crushing My people
And grinding the face of the poor?”
Declares the Lordo Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts.
16 Moreover, the LORD said, “Because the daughters of Zion are proud
And walk withp Lit outstretched necksheads held high and seductive eyes,
And go along with mincing steps
And tinkle the bangles on their feet,
17 Therefore the Lord will afflict the scalp of the daughters of Zion with scabs,
And the LORD will make their foreheads bare.”
18 In that day the Lord will take away the beauty of their anklets, headbands, crescent ornaments, 19 dangling earrings, bracelets, veils, 20 headdresses, ankle chains, sashes, perfume boxes, amulets, 21 q Or signet ringsfinger rings, nose rings, 22 festal robes, outer tunics, cloaks, money purses, 23 hand mirrors, undergarments, turbans and veils.
24 Now it will come about that instead ofr Or balsam oilsweet perfume there will be putrefaction;
Instead of a belt, a rope;
Instead of well-set hair, a plucked-out scalp;
Instead of fine clothes, a donning of sackcloth;
And branding instead of beauty.
25 Your men will fall by the sword
And yours Lit strengthmighty ones in battle.
26 And hert Lit entrancesgates will lament and mourn,
And deserted she will sit on the ground.

Isaiah, Chapter 4

1 For seven women will take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach!”
2 In that day the Branch of the LORD will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth will be the pride and the adornment of the survivors of Israel. 3 It will come about that he who is left in Zion and remains in Jerusalem will be called holy—everyone who is recorded for life in Jerusalem. 4 When the Lord has washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion anda Lit rinsed awaypurged the bloodshed of Jerusalem from her midst, by the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning, 5 then the LORD will create over the whole area of Mount Zion and over her assemblies a cloud by day, even smoke, and the brightness of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory will be a canopy. 6 There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge andb Lit a hiding placeprotection from the storm and the rain.

Isaiah, Chapter 5

1 Let me sing now for my well-beloved
A song of my beloved concerning His vineyard.
My well-beloved had a vineyard ona Lit a horn, the son of fatnessa fertile hill.
2 He dug it all around, removed its stones,
And planted it withb Lit a bright red grapethe choicest vine.
And He built a tower in the middle of it
And also hewed out ac Or wine presswine vat in it;
Then He expected it to produce good grapes,
But it produced onlyd Or wild grapesworthless ones.
3 “And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah,
Judge between Me and My vineyard.
4 “What more was there to do for My vineyarde Lit and I have not donethat I have not done in it?
Why, when I expected it to produce good grapes did it producef Or wild grapesworthless ones?
5 “So now let Me tell you what I am going to do to My vineyard:
I will remove its hedge and it will be consumed;
I will break down its wall and it will become trampled ground.
6 “I will lay it waste;
It will not be pruned or hoed,
But briars and thorns will come up.
I will also charge the clouds to rain no rain on it.”
7 For the vineyard of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel
And the men of Judah His delightful plant.
Thus He looked for justice, but behold, bloodshed;
For righteousness, but behold, a cry of distress.
8 Woe to those who add house to house and join field to field,
Until there is no more room,
So that you have to live alone in the midst of the land!
9 In my ears the LORD of hosts has sworn, “Surely, many houses shall become desolate,
Even great and fine ones, without occupants.
10 “For ten acres of vineyard will yield only oneg I.e. Approx 10 1/2 gal.bath of wine,
And a homer of seed will yield but anh I.e. Approx one buephah of grain.”
11 Woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may pursue strong drink,
Who stay up late in the evening that wine may inflame them!
12 Their banquets are accompanied by lyre and harp, by tambourine and flute, and by wine;
But they do not pay attention to the deeds of the LORD,
Nor do they consider the work of His hands.
13 Therefore My people go into exile for their lack of knowledge;
Andi Lit their glory are men of faminetheir honorable men are famished,
And their multitude is parched with thirst.
14 Therefore Sheol has enlarged itsj Or appetitethroat and opened its mouth without measure;
Andk Lit herJerusalem’s splendor, her multitude, her din of revelry and the jubilant within her, descend into it.
15 So the common man will be humbled and the man of importance abased,
The eyes of the proud also will be abased.
16 But the LORD of hosts will be exalted in judgment,
And the holy God will show Himself holy in righteousness.
17 Then the lambs will graze as in their pasture,
And strangers will eat in the waste places of thel Lit the fatwealthy.
18 Woe to those who drag iniquity with the cords ofm Or worthlessnessfalsehood,
And sin as if with cart ropes;
19 Who say, “Let Him make speed, let Him hasten His work, that we may see it;
And let the purpose of the Holy One of Israel draw near
And come to pass, that we may know it!”
20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Whon Lit setsubstitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Whoo Lit setsubstitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!
22 Woe to those who are heroes in drinking wine
And valiant men in mixing strong drink,
23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
And take away thep Lit righteousnessrights of the ones who are in the right!
24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire consumes stubble
And dry grass collapses into the flame,
So their root will become like rot and their blossomq Lit ascendblow away as dust;
For they have rejected the law of the LORD of hosts
And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.
25 On this account the anger of the LORD has burned against His people,
And He has stretched out His hand against them and struck them down.
And the mountains quaked, and their corpsesr Lit werelay like refuse in the middle of the streets.
For all this His angers Lit has not turned awayis not spent,
But His hand is still stretched out.
26 He will also lift up a standard to thet Lit nations; probably Assyriadistant nation,
And will whistle for it from the ends of the earth;
And behold, it will come with speed swiftly.
27 No one in it is weary or stumbles,
None slumbers or sleeps;
Nor is the belt at its waist undone,
Nor its sandal strap broken.
28 u Lit Which, its arrowsIts arrows are sharp and all its bows are bent;
The hoofs of its horsesv Lit are regarded asseem like flint and its chariot wheels like a whirlwind.
29 Its roaring is like a lioness, and it roars like young lions;
It growls as it seizes the prey
And carries it off with no one to deliver it.
30 And it will growl over it in that day like the roaring of the sea.
If one looks to the land, behold, there is darkness and distress;
Even the light is darkened by its clouds.

Isaiah, Chapter 6

1 In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple. 2 Seraphim stood above Him, each having six wings: with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3 And one called out to another and said,
“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of hosts,
Thea Lit fullness of the whole earth is His glorywhole earth is full of His glory.”
4 And theb Lit door socketsfoundations of the thresholds trembled at the voice of him who called out, while thec Lit housetemple was filling with smoke. 5 Then I said,
“Woe is me, for I am ruined!
Because I am a man of unclean lips,
And I live among a people of unclean lips;
For my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.”
6 Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which he had taken from the altar with tongs. 7 He touched my mouth with it and said, “Behold, this has touched your lips; and your iniquity is taken away and your sin isd Lit atoned forforgiven.”
8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” 9 He said, “Go, and tell this people:
‘Keep on listening, but do not perceive;
Keep on looking, but do not understand.’
10 “Render the hearts of this peoplee Lit fatinsensitive,
Their earsf Lit heavydull,
And their eyesg Lit besmeareddim,
Otherwise they might see with their eyes,
Hear with their ears,
Understand with their hearts,
And return and be healed.”
11 Then I said, “Lord, how long?” And He answered,
“Until cities are devastated and without inhabitant,
Houses are without people
And the land is utterly desolate,
12 “The LORD has removed men far away,
And theh Or forsakenness will be greatforsaken places are many in the midst of the land.
13 “Yet there will be a tenth portion in it,
And it will again be subject to burning,
Like a terebinth or an oak
Whose stump remains when it is felled.
The holy seed is its stump.”

Isaiah, Chapter 7

1 Now it came about in the days of Ahaz, the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah, that Rezin the king of Aram and Pekah the son of Remaliah, king of Israel, went up to Jerusalem to wage war against it, but could nota Lit fight againstconquer it. 2 When it was reported to the house of David, saying, “The Arameansb Lit has settled down onhave camped in Ephraim,” his heart and the hearts of his people shook as the trees of the forest shakec Lit from beforewith the wind.
3 Then the LORD said to Isaiah, “Go out now to meet Ahaz, you and your sond I.e. a remnant shall returnShear-jashub, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool, on the highway to thee I.e. laundryman’sfuller’s field, 4 and say to him, ‘Take care and be calm, have no fear and do not be fainthearted because of these two stubs of smoldering firebrands, on account of the fierce anger of Rezin and Aram and the son of Remaliah. 5 Because Aram, with Ephraim and the son of Remaliah, has planned evil against you, saying, 6 “Let us go up against Judah andf Lit cause it a sickening dreadterrorize it, and make for ourselves a breach ing Lit itits walls and set up the son of Tabeel as king in the midst of it,” 7 thus says the Lordh Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD: “It shall not stand nor shall it come to pass. 8 For the head of Aram is Damascus and the head of Damascus is Rezin (now within another 65 years Ephraim will be shattered, so that it is no longer a people), 9 and the head of Ephraim is Samaria and the head of Samaria is the son of Remaliah. If you will not believe, you surely shall noti Or be establishedlast.”’”
10 Then the LORD spoke again to Ahaz, saying, 11 “Ask a sign for yourself from the LORD your God;j So with the versions; M.T. make the request deep or highmake it deep as Sheol or high ask Lit heightsheaven.” 12 But Ahaz said, “I will not ask, nor will I test the LORD!” 13 Then he said, “Listen now, O house of David! Is it too slight a thing for you to try the patience of men, that you will try the patience of my God as well? 14 Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, al Or maidenvirgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His namem I.e. God is with usImmanuel. 15 He will eat curds and honeyn Lit with respect to his knowingat the time He knows enough to refuse evil and choose good. 16 For before the boy will know enough to refuse evil and choose good, the land whose two kings you dread will be forsaken.
17 The LORD will bring on you, on your people, and on your father’s house such days as have never come since the day that Ephraim separated from Judah, the king of Assyria.”
18 In that day the LORD will whistle for the fly that is in theo Or mouth of the rivers; i.e. the Nile Deltaremotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria. 19 They will all come and settle on the steepp Or wadisravines, on the ledges of the cliffs, on all the thorn bushes and on all theq Or pastureswatering places.
20 In that day the Lord will shave with a razor, hired from regions beyond ther Lit RiverEuphrates (that is, with the king of Assyria), the head and the hair of the legs; and it will also remove the beard.
21 Now in that day a man may keep alive a heifer and a pair of sheep; 22 and because of the abundance of the milk produced he will eat curds, for everyone that is left within the land will eat curds and honey.
23 And it will come about in that day, that every place where there used to be a thousand vines, valued at a thousand shekels of silver, will become briars and thorns. 24 People will come there with bows and arrows because all the land will be briars and thorns. 25 As for all the hills which used to be cultivated with the hoe, you will not go there for fear of briars and thorns; but they will become a place fors Lit sendingpasturing oxen and for sheep to trample.

Isaiah, Chapter 8

1 Then the LORD said to me, “Take for yourself a large tablet and write on ita Lit with the stylus of manin ordinary letters:b Heb Maher-shalal-hash-bazSwift is the booty, speedy is the prey. 2 Andc Another reading is take for meI will take to Myself faithful witnesses for testimony, Uriah the priest and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah.” 3 So I approached the prophetess, and she conceived and gave birth to a son. Then the LORD said to me, “Name himd I.e. swift is the booty, speedy is the preyMaher-shalal-hash-baz; 4 for before the boy knows how to cry out ‘My father’ or ‘My mother,’ the wealth of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria will be carried away before the king of Assyria.”
5 Again the LORD spoke to me further, saying,
6 “Inasmuch as these people have rejected the gently flowing waters of Shiloah
And rejoice in Rezin and the son of Remaliah;
7 “Now therefore, behold, the Lord is about to bring on them the strong and abundant waters of thee Lit RiverEuphrates,
Even the king of Assyria and all his glory;
And it will rise up over all its channels and go over all its banks.
8 “Then it will sweep on into Judah, it will overflow and pass through,
It will reach even to the neck;
And the spread of its wings willf Lit be the fullness offill the breadth ofg Or Youryour land, O Immanuel.
9 “Be broken, O peoples, and beh Or dismayedshattered;
And give ear, all remote places of the earth.
Gird yourselves, yet bei Or dismayedshattered;
Gird yourselves, yet bej Or dismayedshattered.
10 “Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted;
State ak Lit wordproposal, but it will not stand,
Forl Heb Immanu-elGod is with us.”
11 For thus the LORD spoke to mem Lit with strength of the handwith mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying,
12 “You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’
In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy,
And you are not to fearn Lit their fearwhat they fear or be in dread of it.
13 “It is the LORD of hosts whom you should regard as holy.
And He shall be your fear,
And He shall be your dread.
14 “Then He shall become a sanctuary;
But to both the houses of Israel, a stone to strike and a rock to stumble over,
And a snare and a trap for the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
15 “Many will stumble over them,
Then they will fall and be broken;
They will even be snared and caught.”
16 Bind up the testimony, seal theo Or teachinglaw among my disciples. 17 And I will wait for the LORD who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob; I will even look eagerly for Him. 18 Behold, I and the children whom the LORD has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, who dwells on Mount Zion.
19 When they say to you, “Consult the mediums and the spiritists who whisper and mutter,” should not a people consult their God? Should they consult the dead on behalf of the living? 20 To thep Or teachinglaw and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no dawn. 21 They will pass throughq Lit itthe land hard-pressed and famished, and it will turn out that when they are hungry, they will be enraged and curser Or by their kingtheir king and their God as they face upward. 22 Then they will look to the earth, and behold, distress and darkness, the gloom of anguish; and they will be driven away into darkness.

Isaiah, Chapter 9

1 a Ch 8:23 in HebBut there will be no more gloom for her who was in anguish; in earlier times He treated the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali with contempt, but later on He shall make it glorious, by the way of the sea, on the other side of Jordan, Galilee of theb Or nationsGentiles.
2 c Ch 9:1 in HebThe people who walk in darkness
Will see a great light;
Those who live in a dark land,
The light will shine on them.
3 You shall multiply the nation,
You shalld Another reading is not increaseincreasee Lit thetheir gladness;
They will be glad in Your presence
As with the gladnessf Lit inof harvest,
Asg Lit theymen rejoice when they divide the spoil.
4 For You shall break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders,
The rod of their oppressor, ash Lit in the day of Midianat the battle of Midian.
5 For every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult,
And cloak rolled in blood, will be for burning, fuel for the fire.
6 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;
And the government willi Lit berest on His shoulders;
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.
7 There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace,
On the throne of David and over his kingdom,
To establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness
From then on and forevermore.
The zeal of the LORD of hosts will accomplish this.
8 The Lord sends aj Lit wordmessage against Jacob,
And it falls on Israel.
9 And all the people know it,
That is, Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria,
Asserting in pride and in arrogance of heart:
10 “The bricks have fallen down,
But we will rebuild with smooth stones;
The sycamores have been cut down,
But we will replace them with cedars.”
11 Therefore the LORD raises against them adversaries from Rezin
And spurs their enemies on,
12 The Arameans on the east and the Philistines on the west;
And they devour Israel withk Lit the whole mouthgaping jaws.
In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away
And His hand is still stretched out.
13 Yet the people do not turn back to Him who struck them,
Nor do they seek the LORD of hosts.
14 So the LORD cuts off head and tail from Israel,
Both palm branch and bulrush in a single day.
15 The head is the elder and honorable man,
And the prophet who teaches falsehood is the tail.
16 For those who guide this people are leading them astray;
And those who are guided by them arel Or swallowed upbrought to confusion.
17 Therefore the Lord does not take pleasure in their young men,
Nor does He have pity on theirm Or fatherlessorphans or their widows;
For every one of them is godless and an evildoer,
And every mouth is speaking foolishness.
In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away
And His hand is still stretched out.
18 For wickedness burns like a fire;
It consumes briars and thorns;
It even sets the thickets of the forest aflame
And they roll upward in a column of smoke.
19 By the fury of the LORD of hosts the land is burned up,
And the people are like fuel for the fire;
No man spares his brother.
20 n Lit he slicesThey slice off what is on the right hand but still are hungry,
Ando Lit he eatsthey eat what is on the left hand but they are not satisfied;
Each of them eats the flesh of his own arm.
21 Manasseh devours Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasseh,
And together they are against Judah.
In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away
And His hand is still stretched out.

Isaiah, Chapter 10

1 And to those who constantly recorda Lit mischief or misfortuneunjust decisions,
2 Woe to those who enact evil statutes
2 So as tob Lit turn aside fromdeprive the needy of justice
And rob the poor of My people of their rights,
So that widows may be their spoil
And that they may plunder thec Or fatherlessorphans.
3 Now what will you do in the day of punishment,
And in the devastation which will come from afar?
To whom will you flee for help?
And where will you leave yourd Lit glorywealth?
4 Nothing remains but to crouche Lit underamong the captives
Or fallf Lit underamong the slain.
In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away
And His hand is still stretched out.
5 Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger
And the staff in whose hands is My indignation,
6 I send it against a godless nation
And commission it against the people of My fury
To capture booty and to seize plunder,
And tog Lit make them a trampled placetrample them down like mud in the streets.
7 Yet it does not so intend,
Nor doesh Lit its heart so planit plan so in its heart,
But rather it isi Lit in its heartits purpose to destroy
And to cut offj Lit not a fewmany nations.
8 For it says, “Are not my princesk Lit altogetherall kings?
9 “Is not Calno like Carchemish,
Or Hamath like Arpad,
Or Samaria like Damascus?
10 “As my hand has reached to the kingdoms of the idols,
Whose graven images were greater than those of Jerusalem and Samaria,
11 Shall I notl Lit do thusdo to Jerusalem and her images
Just as I have done to Samaria and her idols?”
12 So it will be that when the Lord has completed all His work on Mount Zion and on Jerusalem, He will say, “I willm Lit visitpunish the fruit of the arrogant heart of the king of Assyria and the pomp ofn Lit haughtiness of his eyeshis haughtiness.” 13 For he has said,
“By the power of my hand and by my wisdom I did this,
For I have understanding;
And I removed the boundaries of the peoples
And plundered their treasures,
And like a mighty man I brought downo Or those who sit on thronestheir inhabitants,
14 And my hand reached to the riches of the peoples like a nest,
And as one gathers abandoned eggs, I gathered all the earth;
And there was not one that flapped its wing or opened its beak or chirped.”
15 Is the axe to boast itself over the one who chops with it?
Is the saw to exalt itself over the one who wields it?
That would be like ap Lit staffclub wielding those who lift it,
Or like a rod lifting him who is not wood.
16 Therefore the Lord, theq Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts, will send a wasting disease among his stout warriors;
And under his glory a fire will be kindled like a burning flame.
17 And the light of Israel will become a fire and his Holy One a flame,
And it will burn and devour his thorns and his briars in a single day.
18 And He will destroy the glory of his forest and of his fruitful garden, both soul and body,
And it will be as when a sick man wastes away.
19 And the rest of the trees of his forest will be so small in number
That a child could write them down.
20 Now in that day the remnant of Israel, and those of the house of Jacob who have escaped, will never again rely on the one who struck them, but will truly rely on the LORD, the Holy One of Israel.
21 A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God.
22 For though your people, O Israel, may be like the sand of the sea,
Only a remnant within them will return;
A destruction is determined, overflowing with righteousness.
23 For a complete destruction, one that is decreed, the Lordr Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts will execute in the midst of the whole land.
24 Therefore thus says the Lords Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts, “O My people who dwell in Zion, do not fear the Assyriant Lit hewho strikes you with the rod and lifts up his staff against you, the way Egypt did. 25 For in a very little while My indignation against you will be spent and My anger will be directed to their destruction.” 26 The LORD of hosts will arouse a scourge against him like the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb; and His staff will be over the sea and He will lift it up the way He did in Egypt. 27 So it will be in that day, thatu I.e. the Assyrianhis burden will be removed from your shoulders and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be broken because of fatness.
28 He has come against Aiath,
He has passed through Migron;
At Michmash he deposited his baggage.
29 They have gone through the pass, saying,
“Geba will be our lodging place.”
Ramah is terrified, and Gibeah of Saul has fled away.
30 Cry aloud with your voice, O daughter of Gallim!
Pay attention, Laishah andv An ancient version reads Answer her, O Anathothwretched Anathoth!
31 Madmenah has fled.
The inhabitants of Gebim have sought refuge.
32 Yet today he will halt at Nob;
He shakes his fist at the mountain of thew Another reading is house ofdaughter of Zion, the hill of Jerusalem.
33 Behold, the Lord, thex Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts, will lop off the boughs with a terrible crash;
Those also who are tall in stature will be cut down
And those who are lofty will be abased.
34 He will cut down the thickets of the forest with an iron axe,
And Lebanon will fally Or as a mighty oneby the Mighty One.

Isaiah, Chapter 11

1 And a branch from his roots will bear fruit.
2 Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse,
2 The Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him,
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and strength,
The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD.
3 And He will delight in the fear of the LORD,
And He will not judge by what His eyes see,
Nor make a decision by what His ears hear;
4 But with righteousness He will judge the poor,
And decide with fairness for the afflicted of the earth;
And He will strike the earth with the rod of His mouth,
And with the breath of His lips He will slay the wicked.
5 Also righteousness will be the belt about His loins,
And faithfulness the belt about His waist.
6 And the wolf will dwell with the lamb,
And the leopard will lie down with the young goat,
And the calf and the young liona Some versions read will feed togetherand the fatling together;
And a little boy will lead them.
7 Also the cow and the bear will graze,
Their young will lie down together,
And the lion will eat straw like the ox.
8 The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra,
And the weaned child will put his hand on the viper’s den.
9 They will not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD
As the waters cover the sea.
10 Then in that day
The nations will resort to the root of Jesse,
Who will stand as ab Or standardsignal for the peoples;
And His resting place will bec Lit gloryglorious.
11 Then it will happen on that day that the Lord
Will again recover the second time with His hand
The remnant of His people, who will remain,
From Assyria, Egypt, Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar, Hamath,
And from thed Or coastlandsislands of the sea.
12 And He will lift up a standard for the nations
And assemble the banished ones of Israel,
And will gather the dispersed of Judah
From the four corners of the earth.
13 Then the jealousy of Ephraim will depart,
And those who harass Judah will be cut off;
Ephraim will not be jealous of Judah,
And Judah will not harass Ephraim.
14 They will swoop down on the slopes of the Philistines on the west;
Together they will plunder the sons of the east;
e Lit Edom and Moab will be the outstretching of their handThey will possess Edom and Moab,
And the sons of Ammon will bef Lit their obediencesubject to them.
15 And the LORD willg Another reading is dry up the tongueutterly destroy
The tongue of theh Perhaps the Red SeaSea of Egypt;
And He will wave His hand over thei I.e. EuphratesRiver
With His scorching wind;
And He will strike it into seven streams
And make men walk overj Lit in sandalsdry-shod.
16 And there will be a highway from Assyria
For the remnant of His people who will be left,
Just as there was for Israel
In the day that they came up out of the land of Egypt.

Isaiah, Chapter 12

1 “I will give thanks to You, O LORD;
For although You were angry with me,
Your anger is turned away,
And You comfort me.
2 Then you will say on that day,
2 “Behold, God is my salvation,
I will trust and not be afraid;
For the LORD GOD is my strength and song,
And He has become my salvation.”
3 Therefore you will joyously draw water
From the springs of salvation.
4 And in that day you will say,
“Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name.
Make known His deeds among the peoples;
a Or Proclaim to them thatMake them remember that His name is exalted.”
5 Praise the LORD in song, for He has doneb Or gloriouslyexcellent things;
Let this be known throughout the earth.
6 Cry aloud and shout for joy, O inhabitant of Zion,
For great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.

Isaiah, Chapter 13

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning Babylon which Isaiah the son of Amoz saw.
2 Lift up a standard on theb Or wind-swept mountainbare hill,
Raise your voice to them,
Wave the hand that they may enter the doors of the nobles.
3 I have commanded My consecrated ones,
I have even called My mighty warriors,
My proudly exulting ones,
To execute My anger.
4 A sound of tumult on the mountains,
Like that of many people!
A sound of the uproar of kingdoms,
Of nations gathered together!
The LORD of hosts is mustering the army for battle.
5 They are coming from a far country,
From thec Lit end of heavenfarthest horizons,
The LORD and His instruments of indignation,
To destroy the whole land.
6 Wail, for the day of the LORD is near!
It will come as destruction fromd Heb Shaddaithe Almighty.
7 Therefore all hands will fall limp,
And every man’s heart will melt.
8 They will be terrified,
Pains and anguish will take hold of them;
They will writhe like a woman in labor,
They will look at one another in astonishment,
Their faces aflame.
9 Behold, the day of the LORD is coming,
Cruel, with fury and burning anger,
To make the land a desolation;
And He will exterminate its sinners from it.
10 For the stars of heaven and their constellations
Will not flash forth their light;
The sun will be dark when it rises
And the moon will not shed its light.
11 Thus I will punish the world for its evil
And the wicked for their iniquity;
I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud
And abase the haughtiness of thee Or tyrants, despotsruthless.
12 I will make mortal manf Lit more preciousscarcer than pure gold
And mankind than the gold of Ophir.
13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble,
And the earth will be shaken from its place
At the fury of the LORD of hosts
In the day of His burning anger.
14 And it will be that like a hunted gazelle,
Or like sheep with none to gather them,
They will each turn to his own people,
And each one flee to his own land.
15 Anyone who is found will be thrust through,
And anyone who is captured will fall by the sword.
16 Their little ones also will be dashed to pieces
Before their eyes;
Their houses will be plundered
And their wives ravished.
17 Behold, I am going to stir up the Medes against them,
Who will not value silver or take pleasure in gold.
18 And their bows willg Lit dash in piecesmow down the young men,
They will not even have compassion on the fruit of the womb,
Nor will their eye pityh Lit sonschildren.
19 And Babylon, the beauty of kingdoms, the glory of the Chaldeans’ pride,
Will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.
20 It will never be inhabited or lived in from generation to generation;
Nor will the Arab pitch his tent there,
Nor will shepherds make their flocks lie down there.
21 But desert creatures will lie down there,
And their houses will be full ofi Or howling creaturesowls;
Ostriches also will live there, andj Or goat demonsshaggy goats will frolic there.
22 k Or howling creaturesHyenas will howl in their fortified towers
And jackals in their luxurious palaces.
Her fateful time alsol Lit is near to comewill soon come
And her days will not be prolonged.

Isaiah, Chapter 14

1 When the LORD will have compassion on Jacob and again choose Israel, and settle them in their own land, then strangers will join them and attach themselves to the house of Jacob. 2 The peoples will take them along and bring them to their place, and the house of Israel will possess them as an inheritance in the land of the LORD as male servants and female servants; anda Lit the captors will become their captivesthey will take their captors captive and will rule over their oppressors.
3 And it will be in the day when the LORD gives you rest from your pain and turmoil and harsh service in which you have been enslaved, 4 that you will take up thisb Or proverbtaunt against the king of Babylon, and say,
“How the oppressor has ceased,
And howc Amended from the meaningless medhebah to marhebahfury has ceased!
5 “The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked,
The scepter of rulers
6 Which used to strike the peoples in fury with unceasing strokes,
Whichd Or ruledsubdued the nations in anger with unrestrained persecution.
7 “The whole earth is at rest and is quiet;
They break forth into shouts of joy.
8 “Even the cypress trees rejoice over you, and the cedars of Lebanon, saying,
‘Since you were laid low, no tree cutter comes up against us.’
9 “Sheol from beneath is excited over you to meet you when you come;
It arouses for you thee Or shades (Heb Repha’im)spirits of the dead, all thef Lit male goatsleaders of the earth;
It raises all the kings of the nations from their thrones.
10 “They will all respond and say to you,
‘Even you have been made weak as we,
You have become like us.
11 ‘Your pomp and the music of your harps
Have been brought down to Sheol;
Maggots are spread out as your bed beneath you
And worms are your covering.’
12 “How you have fallen from heaven,
Og Heb Helel; i.e. shining onestar of the morning, son of the dawn!
You have been cut down to the earth,
You who have weakened the nations!
13 “But you said in your heart,
‘I will ascend to heaven;
I will raise my throne above the stars of God,
And I will sit on the mount of assembly
In the recesses of the north.
14 ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
I will make myself like the Most High.’
15 “Nevertheless you will be thrust down to Sheol,
To the recesses of the pit.
16 “Those who see you will gaze at you,
They willh Lit show themselves attentive toponder over you, saying,
‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms,
17 Who made the world like a wilderness
And overthrew its cities,
Who did noti Lit openallow his prisoners to go home?’
18 “All the kings of the nations lie in glory,
Each in his ownj Lit housetomb.
19 “But you have been cast out of your tomb
Likek Lit an abhorred brancha rejected branch,
l Or As the clothing of those who are slainClothed with the slain who are pierced with a sword,
Who go down to the stones of the pit
Like a trampled corpse.
20 “You will not be united with them in burial,
Because you have ruined your country,
You have slain your people.
May the offspring of evildoers not be mentioned forever.
21 “Prepare for his sons a place of slaughter
Because of the iniquity of their fathers.
They must not arise and take possession of the earth
And fill the face of the world with cities.”
22 “I will rise up against them,” declares the LORD of hosts, “and will cut off from Babylon name and survivors, offspring and posterity,” declares the LORD. 23 “I will also make it a possession for the hedgehog and swamps of water, and I will sweep it with the broom of destruction,” declares the LORD of hosts.
24 The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, “Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand, 25 to break Assyria in My land, and I will trample him on My mountains. Then his yoke will be removed from them and his burden removed from their shoulder. 26 This is the planm Lit planneddevised against the whole earth; and this is the hand that is stretched out against all the nations. 27 For the LORD of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it? And as for His stretched-out hand, who can turn it back?”
28 In the year that King Ahaz died thisn Or burdenoracle came:
29 “Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you,
Because the rod that struck you is broken;
For from the serpent’s root a viper will come out,
And its fruit will be a flying serpent.
30 “o Lit The firstborn of the helplessThose who are most helpless will eat,
And the needy will lie down in security;
I willp Lit put to deathdestroy your root with famine,
And it will kill off your survivors.
31 “Wail, O gate; cry, O city;
q Or Become demoralizedMelt away, O Philistia, all of you;
For smoke comes from the north,
And there is no straggler in his ranks.
32 “How then will one answer the messengers of the nation?
That the LORD has founded Zion,
And the afflicted of His people will seek refuge in it.”

Isaiah, Chapter 15

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning Moab.
Surely in a night Ar of Moab is devastated and ruined;
Surely in a night Kir of Moab is devastated and ruined.
2 They have gone up to theb Lit housetemple and to Dibon, even to the high places to weep.
Moab wails over Nebo and Medeba;
Everyone’s head is bald and every beard is cut off.
3 In their streets they have girded themselves with sackcloth;
On their housetops and in their squares
Everyone is wailing,c Lit going down in weepingdissolved in tears.
4 Heshbon and Elealeh also cry out,
Their voice is heard all the way to Jahaz;
Therefore thed Another reading is the loins ofarmed men of Moab cry aloud;
His soul trembles within him.
5 My heart cries out for Moab;
His fugitives are as far as Zoar and Eglath-shelishiyah,
For they go up the ascent of Luhith weeping;
Surely on the road to Horonaim they raise a cry of distress over their ruin.
6 For the waters of Nimrim aree Lit desolationsdesolate.
Surely the grass is withered, the tender grassf Lit come to an enddied out,
There is no green thing.
7 Therefore the abundance which they have acquired and stored up
They carry off over the brook ofg Or the poplarsArabim.
8 For the cry of distress has gone around the territory of Moab,
Its wail goes as far as Eglaim and its wailing even to Beer-elim.
9 For the waters of Dimon are full ofh Heb dam (a wordplay)blood;
Surely I will bring added woes upon Dimon,
A lion upon the fugitives of Moab and upon the remnant of the land.

Isaiah, Chapter 16

1 Froma I.e. Petra in EdomSela by way of the wilderness to the mountain of the daughter of Zion.
2 Send the tribute lamb to the ruler of the land,
2 Then, likeb Or flutteringfleeing birds or scatteredc Lit nestnestlings,
The daughters of Moab will be at the fords of the Arnon.
3 “d Lit BringGive us advice, make a decision;
e Lit SetCast your shadow like nightf Lit in the midst of the noonat high noon;
Hide the outcasts, do not betray the fugitive.
4 “Let theg So the versions; M.T. My outcasts, as for Moaboutcasts of Moab stay with you;
Be a hiding place to them from the destroyer.”
For the extortioner has come to an end, destruction has ceased,
Oppressors have completely disappeared from the land.
5 A throne will even be established in lovingkindness,
And a judge will sit on it in faithfulness in the tent of David;
Moreover, he will seek justice
And be prompt in righteousness.
6 We have heard of the pride of Moab, an excessive pride;
Even of his arrogance, pride, and fury;
His idle boasts areh Lit not sofalse.
7 Therefore Moab will wail; everyone of Moab will wail.
You will moan for the raisin cakes of Kir-hareseth
As those who are utterly stricken.
8 For the fields of Heshbon havei Or languishedwithered, the vines of Sibmah as well;
The lords of the nations have trampled down its choice clusters
Which reached as far as Jazer and wandered to the deserts;
Its tendrils spread themselves out and passed over the sea.
9 Therefore I will weep bitterly for Jazer, for the vine of Sibmah;
I will drench you with my tears, O Heshbon and Elealeh;
For the shouting over your summer fruits and your harvest has fallen away.
10 Gladness and joy are taken away from the fruitful field;
In the vineyards also there will be no cries of joy or jubilant shouting,
No treader treads out wine in the presses,
For I have made the shouting to cease.
11 Therefore myj Lit entrails murmurheart intones like a harp for Moab
And myk Lit inward partinward feelings for Kir-hareseth.
12 So it will come about when Moab presents himself,
When he wearies himself upon his high place
And comes to his sanctuary to pray,
That he will not prevail.
13 This is the word which the LORD spoke earlier concerning Moab. 14 But now the LORD speaks, saying, “Within three years, asl Lit the years of a hirelinga hired man would count them, the glory of Moab will be degraded along with all his great population, and his remnant will be very small andm Lit not mightyimpotent.”

Isaiah, Chapter 17

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning Damascus.
“Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city
And will become a fallen ruin.
2 “The citiesb Gr reads forever and everof Aroer are forsaken;
They will be for flocksc Lit and they will lie downto lie down in,
And there will be no one to frighten them.
3 “Thed Or fortificationfortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
Ande Or royal power, kingdomsovereignty from Damascus
And the remnant of Aram;
They will be like the glory of the sons of Israel,”
Declares the LORD of hosts.
4 Now in that day the glory of Jacob willf Lit become thinfade,
And the fatness of his flesh will become lean.
5 It will be even like theg Lit gathering of the harvest, the standing grainreaper gathering the standing grain,
As his arm harvests the ears,
Or it will be like one gleaning ears of grain
In the valley of Rephaim.
6 Yet gleanings will be left in it like theh Lit strikingshaking of an olive tree,
Two or three olives on the topmost bough,
Four or five on the branches of a fruitful tree,
Declares the LORD, the God of Israel.
7 In that day man will have regard for his Maker
And his eyes will look to the Holy One of Israel.
8 He will not have regard for the altars, the work of his hands,
Nor will he look to that which his fingers have made,
Even thei I.e. wooden symbols of a female deityAsherim andj Or sun pillarsincense stands.
9 In that dayk I.e. man’stheir strong cities will be likel Gr reads the deserted places of the Amorites and the Hivites which they abandonedforsaken places in the forest,
Or likem Or the treetopbranches which they abandoned before the sons of Israel;
Andn Lit itthe land will be a desolation.
10 For you have forgotten the God of your salvation
And have not remembered the rock of your refuge.
Therefore you plant delightful plants
And set them with vine slips of a strange god.
11 In the day that you plant it you carefully fence it in,
And in the morning you bring your seed to blossom;
But the harvest will be a heap
In a day of sickliness and incurable pain.
12 Alas, the uproar of many peoples
Who roar like the roaring of the seas,
And the rumbling of nations
Who rush on like the rumbling of mighty waters!
13 The nations rumble on like the rumbling of many waters,
But He will rebuke them and they will flee far away,
And be chased like chaff in the mountains before the wind,
Or like whirling dust before a gale.
14 At evening time, behold, there is terror!
Before morning they are no more.
o Lit ThisSuch will be the portion of those who plunder us
And the lot of those who pillage us.

Isaiah, Chapter 18

1 Which lies beyond the rivers ofa Or EthiopiaCush,
2 Alas, oh land of whirring wings
2 Which sends envoys by the sea,
Even in papyrus vessels on the surface of the waters.
Go, swift messengers, to a nationb Lit drawn outtall and smooth,
To a people fearedc Lit from it and beyondfar and wide,
A powerful and oppressive nation
Whose land the rivers divide.
3 All you inhabitants of the world and dwellers on earth,
As soon as a standard is raised on the mountains, you will see it,
And as soon as the trumpet is blown, you will hear it.
4 For thus the LORD has told me,
“I will lookd Lit infrom My dwelling place quietly
Like dazzling heat in thee Lit lightsunshine,
Like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.”
5 For before the harvest, as soon as the budf Lit is finishedblossoms
And the flower becomes a ripening grape,
Then He will cut off the sprigs with pruning knives
And remove and cut away the spreading branches.
6 They will be left together for mountain birds of prey,
And for the beasts of the earth;
And the birds of prey will spend the summer feeding on them,
And all the beasts of the earth will spend harvest time on them.
7 At that time a gift of homage will be brought to the LORD of hosts
g So with some ancient versions and DSS; M.T. implies Consisting of a peopleFrom a peopleh Lit drawn outtall and smooth,
Even from a people fearedi Lit from it and beyondfar and wide,
A powerful and oppressive nation,
Whose land the rivers divide—
To the place of the name of the LORD of hosts, even Mount Zion.

Isaiah, Chapter 19

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning Egypt.
Behold, the LORD is riding on a swift cloud and is about to come to Egypt;
The idols of Egypt will tremble at His presence,
And the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them.
2 “So I will incite Egyptians against Egyptians;
And they will each fight against his brother and each against his neighbor,
City against city and kingdom against kingdom.
3 “Then the spirit of the Egyptians will be demoralized within them;
And I will confound their strategy,
So that they will resort to idols and ghosts of the dead
And tob Or ghosts and spiritsmediums and spiritists.
4 “Moreover, I will deliver the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel master,
And ac Or fiercemighty king will rule over them,” declares the Lordd Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts.
5 The waters from the sea will dry up,
And the river will be parched and dry.
6 Thee Lit riverscanals will emit a stench,
Thef Or Nile branches; i.e. the deltastreams of Egypt will thin out and dry up;
The reeds and rushes will rot away.
7 The bulrushes by the Nile, by theg Or mouthedge of the Nile
And all the sown fields by the Nile
Will become dry, be driven away, and be no more.
8 And the fishermen will lament,
And all those who cast ah Lit hookline into the Nile will mourn,
And those who spread nets on the waters willi Or languishpine away.
9 Moreover, the manufacturers of linen made from combed flax
And the weavers of white cloth will bej Lit ashamedutterly dejected.
10 Andk Lit her pillars or, her weaversthe pillars of Egypt will be crushed;
All the hired laborers will be grieved in soul.
11 The princes ofl Or TanisZoan are mere fools;
The advice of Pharaoh’s wisest advisers has becomem Or brutishstupid.
How can you men say to Pharaoh,
“I am a son of the wise, a son of ancient kings”?
12 Well then, where are your wise men?
Please let them tell you,
And let themn Or knowunderstand what the LORD of hosts
Has purposed against Egypt.
13 The princes ofo Or TanisZoan have acted foolishly,
The princes of Memphis are deluded;
Those who are the cornerstone of her tribes
Havep Or have caused Egypt to staggerled Egypt astray.
14 The LORD has mixed within her a spirit of distortion;
They have led Egypt astray in allq Lit its workthat it does,
As a drunken manr Or goes astraystaggers in his vomit.
15 There will be no work for Egypt
Which its head or tail, its palm branch or bulrush, may do.
16 In that day the Egyptians will become like women, and they will tremble and be in dread because of the waving of the hand of the LORD of hosts, which He is going to wave over them. 17 The land of Judah will become as Or cause of shameterror to Egypt; everyonet Lit who mentions it will be in dread to itto whom it is mentioned will be in dread of it, because of the purpose of the LORD of hosts which He is purposing against them.
18 In that day five cities in the land of Egypt will be speaking the language of Canaan and swearing allegiance to the LORD of hosts; one will be called the City ofu Some ancient mss and versions read the SunDestruction.
19 In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD near its border. 20 It will become a sign and a witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and av Lit Mighty OneChampion, and He will deliver them. 21 Thus the LORD will make Himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the LORD in that day. They will even worship with sacrifice and offering, and will make a vow to the LORD and perform it. 22 The LORD will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the LORD, and He will respond to them and will heal them.
23 In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrians will come into Egypt and the Egyptians into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians.
24 In that day Israel will be the third party with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, 25 whom the LORD of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”

Isaiah, Chapter 20

1 In the year that thea Heb Tartancommander came to Ashdod, when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him and he fought against Ashdod and captured it, 2 at that time the LORD spoke through Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, “Go and loosen the sackcloth from your hips and take your shoes off your feet.” And he did so, going naked and barefoot. 3 And the LORD said, “Even as My servant Isaiah has gone naked and barefoot three years as ab Or wondersign and token against Egypt andc Or Ethiopia, so in vv 4, 5Cush, 4 so the king of Assyria will lead away the captives of Egypt and the exiles of Cush, young and old, naked and barefoot with buttocks uncovered, to thed Lit nakednessshame of Egypt. 5 Then they will be dismayed and ashamed because of Cush their hope and Egypt their boast. 6 So the inhabitants of this coastland will say in that day, ‘Behold, such is our hope, where we fled for help to be delivered from the king of Assyria; and we, how shall we escape?’”

Isaiah, Chapter 21

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning theb Or sandy wastes, sea countrywilderness of the sea.
As windstorms in thec I.e. South countryNegev sweep on,
It comes from the wilderness, from a terrifying land.
2 A harsh vision has been shown to me;
The treacherous one still deals treacherously, and the destroyer still destroys.
Go up, Elam, lay siege, Media;
I have made an end of alld Lit her groaningthe groaning she has caused.
3 For this reason my loins are full of anguish;
Pains have seized me like the pains of a woman in labor.
I am so bewildered I cannot hear, so terrified I cannot see.
4 Mye Lit heart has wanderedmind reels,f Lit shudderinghorror overwhelms me;
The twilight I longed for has been turned for me into trembling.
5 They set the table, theyg Or spread out the rugs or possibly they arranged the seatingspread out the cloth, they eat, they drink;
“Rise up, captains, oil the shields,”
6 For thus the Lord says to me,
“Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees.
7 “When he sees riders, horsemen in pairs,
A train of donkeys, a train of camels,
Let him pay close attention, very close attention.”
8 Thenh So DSS; M.T. he called like a lionthe lookout called,
“O Lord, I stand continually by day on the watchtower,
And I am stationed every night at my guard post.
9 “Now behold, here comes a troop of riders, horsemen in pairs.”
And one said, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon;
And all the images of her godsi Lit he has shattered to the earthare shattered on the ground.”
10 O my threshed people, and myj Lit sonafflicted of the threshing floor!
What I have heard from the LORD of hosts,
The God of Israel, I make known to you.
11 Thek Or burdenoracle concerningl So the Gr; Heb Dumah, silenceEdom.
One keeps calling to me from Seir,
“Watchman,m Lit what is the time of the night?how far gone is the night?
Watchman,n Lit what is the time of the night?how far gone is the night?”
12 The watchman says,
“Morning comes but also night.
If you would inquire, inquire;
Come back again.”
13 Theo Or burdenoracle about Arabia.
In the thickets of Arabia youp Or will spendmust spend the night,
O caravans of Dedanites.
14 Bring waterq Lit to meetfor the thirsty,
O inhabitants of the land of Tema,
Meet the fugitive with bread.
15 For they have fled from the swords,
From the drawn sword, and from the bent bow
And from the press of battle.
16 For thus the Lord said to me, “In a year, asr Lit the years of a hirelinga hired man would count it, all the splendor of Kedar will terminate; 17 and the remainder of the number of bowmen, the mighty men of the sons of Kedar, will be few; for the LORD God of Israel has spoken.”

Isaiah, Chapter 22

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning the valley of vision.
What is the matter with you now, that you have all gone up to the housetops?
2 You who were full of noise,
You boisterous town, you exultant city;
Your slain were not slain with the sword,
Norb Lit dead in battledid they die in battle.
3 All your rulers have fled together,
And have been capturedc Lit from a bowwithout the bow;
All of you who were found were taken captive together,
d So with ancient versions; Heb They fled far awayThough they had fled far away.
4 Therefore I say, “Turn your eyes away from me,
Let me weep bitterly,
Do note Lit insisttry to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people.”
5 For the Lordf Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts has a day of panic, subjugation and confusion
In the valley of vision,
A breaking down of walls
And a cryingg Or againstto the mountain.
6 Elam took up the quiver
With the chariots,h Lit maninfantry and horsemen;
And Kir uncovered the shield.
7 Then your choicest valleys were full of chariots,
And the horsemen took up fixed positions at the gate.
8 And He removed thei Lit screen, coveringdefense of Judah.
In that day youj Or looked to, considereddepended on the weapons of the house of the forest,
9 And you saw that the breaches
In the wall of the city of David were many;
And you collected the waters of the lower pool.
10 Then you counted the houses of Jerusalem
And tore down houses to fortify the wall.
11 And you made a reservoir between the two walls
For the waters of the old pool.
But you did notk Or look to, considerdepend on Him who made it,
Nor did youl Lit see...Himtake into consideration Him who planned it long ago.
12 Therefore in that day the Lordm Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts called you to weeping, to wailing,
To shaving the head and to wearing sackcloth.
13 Instead, there is gaiety and gladness,
Killing of cattle and slaughtering of sheep,
Eating of meat and drinking of wine:
“Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we may die.”
14 But the LORD of hosts revealed Himselfn Lit in my earsto me,
“Surely this iniquity shall not beo Lit atoned forforgiven you
Until you die,” says the Lordp Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts.
15 Thus says the Lordq Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts,
“Come, go to this steward,
To Shebna, who is in charge of the royal household,
16 ‘What right do you have here,
And whom do you have here,
That you have hewn a tomb for yourself here,
You who hew a tomb on the height,
You who carve a resting place forr Lit himselfyourself in the rock?
17 ‘Behold, the LORD is about to hurl you headlong, O man.
And He is about to grasp you firmly
18 And roll you tightly like a ball,
To be cast into a vast country;
There you will die
And there your splendid chariots will be,
You shame of your master’s house.’
19 “I will depose you from your office,
Ands So with many ancient versions; Heb HeI will pull you down from your station.
20 “Then it will come about in that day,
That I will summon My servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah,
21 And I will clothe him with your tunic
And tie your sash securely about him.
I will entrust him with yourt Lit ruleauthority,
And he will become a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah.
22 “Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder,
When he opens no one will shut,
When he shuts no one will open.
23 “I will drive him like a peg in a firm place,
And he will become a throne of glory to his father’s house.
24 So they will hang on him all the glory of his father’s house, offspring andu Or perhaps, leafissue, all the least of vessels, from bowls to all the jars. 25 In that day,” declares the LORD of hosts, “the peg driven in a firm place will give way; it will even break off and fall, and the load hanging on it will be cut off, for the LORD has spoken.”

Isaiah, Chapter 23

1 Thea Or burden oforacle concerning Tyre.
Wail, O ships of Tarshish,
For Tyre is destroyed, without house orb Lit enteringharbor;
It is reported to them from the land ofc Heb KittimCyprus.
2 Be silent, you inhabitants of the coastland,
You merchants of Sidon;
d So DSS; M.T. Who passed over the sea, they replenished youYour messengers crossed the sea
3 And were on many waters.
The grain of thee Heb ShihorNile, the harvest of the River was her revenue;
And she was the market of nations.
4 Be ashamed, O Sidon;
For the sea speaks, the stronghold of the sea, saying,
“I have neither travailed nor given birth,
I have neither brought up young men nor reared virgins.”
5 When the report reaches Egypt,
They will be in anguish at the report of Tyre.
6 Pass over to Tarshish;
Wail, O inhabitants of the coastland.
7 Is this your jubilant city,
Whose origin is from antiquity,
Whose feet used to carry her tof Lit sojourn afar offcolonize distant places?
8 Who has planned this against Tyre, the bestower of crowns,
Whose merchants were princes, whose traders were the honored of the earth?
9 The LORD of hosts has planned it, to defile the pride of all beauty,
To despise all the honored of the earth.
10 g Lit Pass overOverflow your land like the Nile, O daughter of Tarshish,
There is no moreh Perhaps girdle or shipyardrestraint.
11 He has stretched His hand out over the sea,
He has made the kingdoms tremble;
The LORD has given a command concerning Canaan to demolish its strongholds.
12 He has said, “You shall exult no more, O crushed virgin daughter of Sidon.
Arise, pass over toi Heb KittimCyprus; even there you will find no rest.”
13 Behold, the land of the Chaldeans—this is the people which was not; Assyria appointed it for desert creatures—they erected their siege towers, they stripped its palaces, they made it a ruin.
14 Wail, O ships of Tarshish,
For your stronghold is destroyed.
15 Now in that day Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years like the days of one king. At the end of seventy years it will happen to Tyre as in the song of the harlot:
16 Take your harp, walk about the city,
O forgotten harlot;
Pluck the strings skillfully, sing many songs,
That you may be remembered.
17 It will come about at the end of seventy years that the LORD will visit Tyre. Then she will go back to her harlot’s wages and will play the harlot with all the kingdomsj Lit of the earth on the face of the landon the face of the earth. 18 Her gain and her harlot’s wages will be set apart to the LORD; it will not be stored up or hoarded, but her gain will become sufficient food and choice attire for those who dwell in the presence of the LORD.

Isaiah, Chapter 24

1 Behold, the LORD lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants. 2 And the people will be like the priest, the servant like his master, the maid like her mistress, the buyer like the seller, the lender like the borrower, the creditor like the debtor. 3 The earth will be completely laid waste and completely despoiled, for the LORD has spoken this word. 4 The earth mourns and withers, the world fades and withers, the exalted of the people of the earth fade away. 5 The earth is also polluteda Lit underby its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. 6 Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men are left.
7 The new wine mourns,
The vine decays,
All the merry-hearted sigh.
8 The gaiety of tambourines ceases,
The noise of revelers stops,
The gaiety of the harp ceases.
9 They do not drink wine with song;
Strong drink is bitter to those who drink it.
10 The city of chaos is broken down;
Every house is shut up so that none may enter.
11 There is an outcry in the streets concerning the wine;
All joyb Lit is darkenedturns to gloom.
The gaiety of the earth is banished.
12 Desolation is left in the city
And the gate is battered to ruins.
13 For thus it will be in the midst of the earth among the peoples,
As thec Lit strikingshaking of an olive tree,
As the gleanings when the grape harvest is over.
14 They raise their voices, they shout for joy;
They cry out from thed Lit seawest concerning the majesty of the LORD.
15 Therefore glorify the LORD in thee Lit region of lighteast,
The name of the LORD, the God of Israel,
In thef Or islandscoastlands of the sea.
16 From the ends of the earth we hear songs, “Glory to the Righteous One,”
But I say, “g Lit Wasting to me!Woe to me!h Lit Wasting to me!Woe to me! Alas for me!
The treacherous deal treacherously,
And the treacherous deal very treacherously.”
17 Terror and pit and snare
i Lit Are upon youConfront you, O inhabitant of the earth.
18 Then it will be that he who flees thej Lit sound of terrorreport of disaster will fall into the pit,
And he whok Lit goes up from the midst ofclimbs out of the pit will be caught in the snare;
For the windowsl Lit from the height; i.e. heavenabove are opened, and the foundations of the earth shake.
19 The earth is broken asunder,
The earth is split through,
The earth is shaken violently.
20 The earth reels to and fro like a drunkard
And it totters like am Or hutshack,
For its transgression is heavy upon it,
And it will fall, never to rise again.
21 So it will happen in that day,
That the LORD will punish the host ofn Lit the height in the heightheaven on high,
And the kings of the earth on earth.
22 They will be gathered together
Like prisoners in theo Lit pitdungeon,
And will be confined in prison;
And after many days they will be punished.
23 Then the moon will be abashed and the sun ashamed,
For the LORD of hosts will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
And His glory will be before His elders.

Isaiah, Chapter 25

1 I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name;
For You have worked wonders,
Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.
2 O LORD, You are my God;
2 For You have made a city into a heap,
A fortified city into a ruin;
A palace of strangers is a city no more,
It will never be rebuilt.
3 Therefore a strong people will glorify You;
Cities of ruthless nations will revere You.
4 For You have been a defense for the helpless,
A defense for the needy in his distress,
A refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat;
For the breath of the ruthless
Is like a rain storm against a wall.
5 Like heat in drought, You subdue the uproar of aliens;
Like heat by the shadow of a cloud, the song of the ruthless isa Lit humbledsilenced.
6 The LORD of hosts will prepare ab Lit feast of fat things; i.e. abundancelavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain;
A banquet ofc Lit wine on the leesaged wine,d Lit fat pieceschoice pieces with marrow,
Ande Lit wine refined on the leesrefined, aged wine.
7 And on this mountain He will swallow up thef Lit face of the coveringcovering which is over all peoples,
Even the veil which isg Lit wovenstretched over all nations.
8 He will swallow up death for all time,
And the Lordh Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD will wipe tears away from all faces,
And He will remove the reproach of His people from all the earth;
For the LORD has spoken.
9 And it will be said in that day,
“Behold, this is our God for whom we have waited that He might save us.
This is the LORD for whom we have waited;
Let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.”
10 For the hand of the LORD will rest on this mountain,
And Moab will be trodden down in his place
As straw is trodden down in the water of a manure pile.
11 And he will spread out his hands in the middle of it
As a swimmer spreads out his hands to swim,
But the Lord will lay low his pride together with the trickery of his hands.
12 The unassailable fortifications of your walls He will bring down,
Lay low and cast to the ground, even to the dust.

Isaiah, Chapter 26

1 In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah:
“We have a strong city;
He sets up walls and ramparts fora Or salvationsecurity.
2 “Open the gates, that the righteous nation may enter,
The one thatb Lit keeps faithfulnessremains faithful.
3 “The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace,
Because he trusts in You.
4 “Trust in the LORD forever,
For inc Heb Yah, usually rendered LordGOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock.
5 “For He has brought low those who dwell on high, the unassailable city;
He lays it low, He lays it low to the ground, He casts it to the dust.
6 “The foot will trample it,
The feet of the afflicted, the steps of the helpless.”
7 The way of the righteous is smooth;
O Upright One, make the path of the righteous level.
8 Indeed, while following the way of Your judgments, O LORD,
We have waited for You eagerly;
Your name, even Your memory, is the desire of our souls.
9 At nightd Lit with my soul I longmy soul longs for You,
Indeed,e Lit with my spirit...I seekmy spirit within me seeks You diligently;
For when the earthf Lit hasexperiences Your judgments
The inhabitants of the world learn righteousness.
10 Though the wicked is shown favor,
He does not learn righteousness;
He deals unjustly in the land of uprightness,
And does not perceive the majesty of the LORD.
11 O LORD, Your hand is lifted up yet they do not see it.
g Or Let them see...and beThey see Your zeal for the people and are put to shame;
Indeed,h Or let the fire for Your adversaries devour themfire will devour Your enemies.
12 LORD, You will establish peace for us,
Since You have also performed for us all our works.
13 O LORD our God, other masters besides You have ruled us;
But through You alone wei Or cause to be rememberedconfess Your name.
14 The dead will not live, thej Or shadesdeparted spirits will not rise;
Therefore You have punished and destroyed them,
And You have wiped out all remembrance of them.
15 You have increased the nation, O LORD,
You have increased the nation, You are glorified;
You have extended all the borders of the land.
16 O LORD, they sought You in distress;
Theyk Lit sound forth a whispercould only whisper a prayer,
Your chastening was upon them.
17 As the pregnant woman approaches the time to give birth,
She writhes and cries out in her labor pains,
Thus were we before You, O LORD.
18 We were pregnant, we writhed in labor,
We gave birth, as it seems, only to wind.
We could not accomplish deliverance for the earth,
Nor were inhabitants of the worldl Lit fallenborn.
19 Your dead will live;
m So with some ancient versions; Heb MyTheir corpses will rise.
You who lie in the dust, awake and shout for joy,
For your dew is as the dew of then Lit lightsdawn,
And the earth willo Lit cause to fallgive birth to thep Or shadesdeparted spirits.
20 Come, my people, enter into your rooms
And close your doors behind you;
Hide for a littleq Lit momentwhile
Until indignationr Lit passes overruns its course.
21 For behold, the LORD is about to come out from His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
And the earth will reveal her bloodshed
And will no longer cover her slain.

Isaiah, Chapter 27

1 With His fierce and great and mighty sword,
Evenb Or sea monsterLeviathan the twisted serpent;
And He will kill the dragon who lives in the sea.
2 In that day the LORD will punisha Or sea monsterLeviathan the fleeing serpent,
2 In that day,
“Ac Some mss read a vineyard of delightvineyard of wine, sing of it!
3 “I, the LORD, am its keeper;
I water it every moment.
So that no one willd Lit punishdamage it,
I guard it night and day.
4 “I have no wrath.
Shoulde Lit whosomeone give Me briars and thorns in battle,
Then I would step on them, I would burn themf Lit altogethercompletely.
5 “Or let himg Lit take hold ofrely on My protection,
Let him make peace with Me,
Let him make peace with Me.”
6 h Lit Those comingIn the days to come Jacob will take root,
Israel will blossom and sprout,
And they will fill thei Lit face ofwhole world with fruit.
7 Like the striking of Him who has struck them, has He struck them?
Or like the slaughter of His slain,j Lit he was slainhave they been slain?
8 You contended with themk Some ancient versions read by exact measureby banishing them, by driving them away.
With His fierce wind He has expelled them on the day of the east wind.
9 Therefore through this Jacob’s iniquity will be forgiven;
And this will bel Lit all the fruitthe full price of them Lit removingpardoning of his sin:
When he makes all the altar stones like pulverized chalk stones;
Whenn I.e. wooden symbols of a female deityAsherim and incense altars will not stand.
10 For the fortified city is isolated,
Ao Lit pasturehomestead forlorn and forsaken like the desert;
There the calf will graze,
And there it will lie down andp Lit consumefeed on its branches.
11 When its limbs are dry, they are broken off;
Women come and make a fire with them,
For they are not a people of discernment,
Therefore their Maker will not have compassion on them.
And their Creator will not be gracious to them.
12 In that day the LORD will start His threshing from the flowing stream of the Euphrates to the brook of Egypt, and you will be gathered up one by one, O sons of Israel. 13 It will come about also in that day that a great trumpet will be blown, and those who were perishing in the land of Assyria and who were scattered in the land of Egypt will come and worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem.

Isaiah, Chapter 28

1 And to the fading flower of its glorious beauty,
Which is at the head of thea Lit valley of fatnessfertile valley
Of those who areb Lit smittenovercome with wine!
2 Woe to the proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim,
2 Behold, the Lord has a strong and mighty agent;
As a storm of hail, a tempest of destruction,
Like a storm of mighty overflowing waters,
He has cast it down to the earth with His hand.
3 The proud crown of the drunkards of Ephraim is trodden under foot.
4 And the fading flower of its glorious beauty,
Which is at the head of thec Lit valley of fatnessfertile valley,
Will be like the first-ripe fig prior to summer,
Whichd Lit the one seeing seesone sees,
Ande Lit while it is yetas soon as it is in hisf Lit palmhand,
He swallows it.
5 In that day the LORD of hosts will become a beautiful crown
And a glorious diadem to the remnant of His people;
6 A spirit of justice for him who sits in judgment,
A strength to those who repel theg Lit battleonslaught at the gate.
7 And these also reel with wine and stagger from strong drink:
The priest and the prophet reel with strong drink,
They are confused by wine, they stagger from strong drink;
They reel whileh Lit seeinghaving visions,
They totter when rendering judgment.
8 For all the tables are full of filthy vomit, without a single clean place.
9 “To whom would He teach knowledge,
And to whom would He interpret the message?
Those just weaned from milk?
Those just taken from the breast?
10 “For He says,
i Heb Sav lasav, sav lasav, Kav lakav, kav lakav, Ze’ er sham, ze’ er sham These Hebrew monosyllables, imitating the babbling of a child, mock the prophet’s preachingOrder on order, order on order,
Line on line, line on line,
A little here, a little there.’”
11 Indeed, He will speak to this people
Through stammering lips and a foreign tongue,
12 He who said to them, “Here is rest, give rest to the weary,”
And, “Here is repose,” but they would not listen.
13 So the word of the LORD to them will be,
j V 10, note 1 The responds to their scoffing by imitating their mockery, to represent the unintelligible language of a conquerorOrder on order, order on order,
Line on line, line on line,
A little here, a little there,”
That they may go and stumble backward, be broken, snared and taken captive.
14 Therefore, hear the word of the LORD, O scoffers,
Who rule this people who are in Jerusalem,
15 Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death,
And withk I.e. the nether worldSheol we have made al So some ancient versions; Heb seerpact.
The overwhelmingm Or floodscourge will not reach us when it passes by,
For we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception.”
16 Therefore thus says the Lordn Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD,
“Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone, a tested stone,
A costly cornerstone for the foundation,o Lit well-laidfirmly placed.
He who believes in it will not bep Lit in a hurrydisturbed.
17 “I will make justice the measuring line
And righteousness the level;
Then hail will sweep away the refuge of lies
And the waters will overflow the secret place.
18 “Your covenant with death will beq Lit covered overcanceled,
And your pact with Sheol will not stand;
When the overwhelming scourge passes through,
Then you become its trampling place.
19 “As often as it passes through, it willr Lit takeseize you;
For morning after morning it will pass through, anytime during the day or night,
And it will bes Lit onlysheer terror to understandt Lit the report, or, the messagewhat it means.”
20 The bed is too short on which to stretch out,
And the blanket is toou Lit narrowsmall to wrap oneself in.
21 For the LORD will rise up as at Mount Perazim,
He will be stirred up as in the valley of Gibeon,
To do His task, Hisv Lit task is strangeunusual task,
And to work His work, Hisw Lit work is alienextraordinary work.
22 And now do not carry on as scoffers,
Or your fetters will be made stronger;
For I have heard from the Lordx Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD of hosts
Of decisive destruction on all the earth.
23 Give ear and hear my voice,
Listen and hear my words.
24 Does they Lit plowmanfarmer plowz Lit all daycontinually to plant seed?
Does he continuallyaa Lit openturn and harrow the ground?
25 Does he not level its surface
And sow dill and scatter cummin
Andab Lit putplant wheat in rows,
Barley in its place and rye within itsac Lit regionarea?
26 For his God instructs and teaches him properly.
27 For dill is not threshed with a threshing sledge,
Nor is the cartwheelad Lit rolleddriven over cummin;
But dill is beaten out with a rod, and cummin with a club.
28 Grain for bread is crushed,
Indeed, he does not continue to thresh it forever.
Because the wheel of his cart and his horses eventuallyae Lit discomfitdamage it,
He does not thresh it longer.
29 This also comes from the LORD of hosts,
Who has made His counsel wonderful and His wisdom great.

Isaiah, Chapter 29

1 Add year to year,c Lit let your feasts run their roundobserve your feasts on schedule.
2 Woe, Oa I.e. Lion of God, or JerusalemAriel,b I.e. Lion of God, or JerusalemAriel the city where David once camped!
2 I will bring distress to Ariel,
And she will be a city of lamenting and mourning;
And she will be like an Ariel to me.
3 I will camp against youd Lit like a circleencircling you,
And I will set siegeworks against you,
And I will raise up battle towers against you.
4 Then you will be brought low;
From the earth you will speak,
And from the dust where you are prostrate
Your words will come.
Your voice will also be like that of ae Or ghostspirit from the ground,
And your speech will whisper from the dust.
5 But the multitude of yourf Lit strangersenemies will become like fine dust,
And the multitude of the ruthless ones like the chaff whichg Lit passes awayblows away;
And it will happen instantly, suddenly.
6 From the LORD of hosts you will be punished with thunder and earthquake and loud noise,
With whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a consuming fire.
7 And the multitude of all the nations who wage war againsth V 1, note 1Ariel,
Even all who wage war against her and her stronghold, and who distress her,
Will be like a dream, a vision of the night.
8 It will be as when a hungry man dreams—
And behold, he is eating;
But when he awakens, hisi Lit soulhunger is not satisfied,
Or as when a thirsty man dreams—
And behold, he is drinking,
But when he awakens, behold, he is faint
And hisj Lit soulthirst is not quenched.
Thus the multitude of all the nations will be
Who wage war against Mount Zion.
9 Be delayed and wait,
Blind yourselves and be blind;
They become drunk, but not with wine,
They stagger, but not with strong drink.
10 For the LORD has poured over you a spirit of deep sleep,
He has shut your eyes, the prophets;
And He has covered your heads, the seers.
11 The entire vision will be to you like the words of a sealedk Or scrollbook, which when they give it to the one whol Lit knows booksis literate, saying, “Please read this,” he will say, “I cannot, for it is sealed.” 12 Then them Or scrollbook will be given to the one whon Lit does not know booksis illiterate, saying, “Please read this.” And he will say, “Io Lit do not know bookscannot read.”
13 Then the Lord said,
“Because this people draw near with theirp Lit mouthwords
And honor Me with theirq Lit lipslip service,
But they remove their hearts far from Me,
And theirr Lit fear of Mereverence for Mes Lit isconsists oft Lit commandment of rulerstradition learned by rote,
14 Therefore behold, I will once again deal marvelously with this people, wondrously marvelous;
And the wisdom of their wise men will perish,
And the discernment of their discerning men will be concealed.”
15 Woe to those who deeply hide theiru Lit counselplans from the LORD,
And whose deeds are done in a dark place,
And they say, “Who sees us?” or “Who knows us?”
16 You turn things around!
Shall the potter be consideredv Lit likeas equal with the clay,
That what is made would say to its maker, “He did not make me”;
Or what is formed say to him who formed it, “He has no understanding”?
17 Is it not yet just a little while
w Lit AndBefore Lebanon will be turned into a fertile field,
And the fertile field will be considered as a forest?
18 On that day the deaf will hear words of a book,
And out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.
19 The afflicted also will increase their gladness in the LORD,
And the needy of mankind will rejoice in the Holy One of Israel.
20 For the ruthless will come to an end and the scorner will be finished,
Indeed all whox Lit watch evilare intent on doing evil will be cut off;
21 Whoy Lit bring a person under condemnationcause a person to be indicted by a word,
And ensnare him who adjudicates at the gate,
Andz Lit turn asidedefraud the one in the right withaa Lit confusionmeaningless arguments.
22 Therefore thus says the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob:
“Jacob shall not now be ashamed, nor shall his face now turn pale;
23 But whenab Or his children seehe sees his children, the work of My hands, in his midst,
They will sanctify My name;
Indeed, they will sanctify the Holy One of Jacob
And will stand in awe of the God of Israel.
24 “Those who err inac Lit spiritmind will knowad Lit understandingthe truth,
And those whoae Lit murmurcriticize willaf Lit learnaccept instruction.

Isaiah, Chapter 30

1 “Who execute a plan, but not Mine,
Anda Lit pour out a drink offeringmake an alliance, but not of My Spirit,
In order to add sin to sin;
2 “Woe to the rebellious children,” declares the LORD,
2 Who proceed down to Egypt
Without consultingb Lit My mouthMe,
To take refuge in the safety of Pharaoh
And to seek shelter in the shadow of Egypt!
3 “Therefore the safety of Pharaoh will be your shame
And the shelter in the shadow of Egypt, your humiliation.
4 “For their princes are at Zoan
And their ambassadors arrive at Hanes.
5 “Everyone will be ashamed because of a people who cannot profit them,
Who are not for help or profit, but for shame and also for reproach.”
6 Thec Or burden oforacle concerning the beasts of the Negev.
Through a land of distress and anguish,
Fromd Lit themwhere come lioness and lion, viper and flying serpent,
They carry their riches on thee Lit shouldersbacks of young donkeys
And their treasures on camels’ humps,
To a people who cannot profit them;
7 Even Egypt, whose help is vain and empty.
Therefore, I have calledf Lit this oneher
g M.T. reads They are Rahab (or arrogance), to remainRahab who has been exterminated.”
8 Now go, write it on a tablet before them
And inscribe it on a scroll,
That it mayh Lit beserve in the time to come
i So the versions; Heb Forever and everAs a witness forever.
9 For this is a rebellious people, false sons,
Sons whoj Lit are not willingrefuse to listen
To thek Or lawinstruction of the LORD;
10 Who say to the seers, “You must not see visions”;
And to the prophets, “You must not prophesy to us what is right,
Speak to usl Lit smooth thingspleasant words,
Prophesy illusions.
11 “Get out of the way, turn aside from the path,
m Lit Cause to cease from our presence theLet us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel.”
12 Therefore thus says the Holy One of Israel,
“Since you have rejected this word
And have put your trust in oppression and guile, and have relied on them,
13 Therefore this iniquity will be to you
Like a breach about to fall,
A bulge in a high wall,
Whose collapse comes suddenly in an instant,
14 Whose collapse is like the smashing of a potter’s jar,
n Lit Crushed, it will not be sparedSo ruthlessly shattered
That a sherd will not be found among its pieces
Too Lit snatch uptake fire from a hearth
Or to scoop water from a cistern.”
15 For thus the Lordp Heb YHWH, usually rendered LordGOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said,
“Inq Lit returningrepentance and rest you will be saved,
In quietness and trust is your strength.”
But you were not willing,
16 And you said, “No, for we will flee on horses,”
Therefore you shall flee!
“And we will ride on swift horses,”
Therefore those who pursue you shall be swift.
17 One thousand will flee at the threat of one man;
You will flee at the threat of five,
Until you are left as ar Lit poleflag on a mountain top
And as a signal on a hill.
18 Therefore the LORDs Lit waitslongs to be gracious to you,
And therefore Het Lit is on highwaits on high to have compassion on you.
For the LORD is a God of justice;
How blessed are all those whou Lit waitlong for Him.
19 v M.T. reads A people will inhabit Zion, JerusalemO people in Zion, inhabitant in Jerusalem, you will weep no longer. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry; when He hears it, He will answer you. 20 Although the Lord has given you bread of privation and water of oppression, He, your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, but your eyes will behold your Teacher. 21 Your ears will hear a word behind you, “w Lit saying, “ThisThis is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left. 22 And you will defile your graven images overlaid with silver, and your molten images plated with gold. You will scatter them as an impure thing, and say tox Lit it “Go out”them, “Be gone!”
23 Then He will give you rain fory Lit yourthe seed which you will sow in the ground, and bread from the yield of the ground, and it will bez Lit fatnessrich andaa Lit fatplenteous; on that day your livestock will graze in a roomy pasture. 24 Also the oxen and the donkeys which work the ground will eat salted fodder, whichab Lit one winnowshas been winnowed with shovel and fork. 25 On every lofty mountain and on every high hill there will beac Lit canals, streams of waterstreams running with water on the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall. 26 The light of the moon will be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven days, on the day the LORD binds up the fracture of His people and heals the bruisead Lit of His blowHe has inflicted.
27 Behold, the name of the LORD comes from aae Lit distanceremote place;
Burning is His anger andaf Lit heavinessdense is Hisag Lit upliftingsmoke;
His lips are filled with indignation
And His tongue is like a consuming fire;
28 His breath is like an overflowing torrent,
Which reaches to the neck,
To shake the nations back and forth in aah Lit sifting of the worthlesssieve,
And to put in the jaws of the peoples the bridle whichai Lit misleadsleads to ruin.
29 You will haveaj Lit the songsongs as in the night when you keep the festival,
And gladness of heart as when one marches to the sound of the flute,
To go to the mountain of the LORD, to the Rock of Israel.
30 And the LORD will causeak Lit the majesty of His voiceHis voice of authority to be heard,
And theal Lit descentdescending of His arm to be seen in fierce anger,
And in the flame of a consuming fire
In cloudburst, downpour and hailstones.
31 For at the voice of the LORD Assyria will be terrified,
When He strikes with the rod.
32 And everyam Lit passingblow of thean Lit staff of foundationrod of punishment,
Which the LORD will lay on him,
Will be with the music of tambourines and lyres;
And in battles, brandishing weapons, He will fight them.
33 Forao I.e. the place of human sacrifice to MolechTopheth has long been ready,
Indeed, it has been prepared for the king.
He has made it deep and large,
ap Lit Its pileA pyre of fire with plenty of wood;
The breath of the LORD, like a torrent of brimstone, sets it afire.

Isaiah, Chapter 31

1 And rely on horses,
And trust in chariots because they are many
And in horsemen because they are very strong,
But they do not look to the Holy One of Israel, nor seek the LORD!
2 Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help
2 Yet He also is wise and will bring disaster
And does not retract His words,
But will arise against the house of evildoers
And against the help of the workers of iniquity.
3 Now the Egyptians are men and not God,
And their horses are flesh and not spirit;
So the LORD will stretch out His hand,
And he who helps will stumble
And he who is helped will fall,
And all of them will come to an end together.
4 For thus says the LORD to me,
“As the lion or the young lion growls over his prey,
Against which a band of shepherds is called out,
And he will not be terrified at their voice nor disturbed at their noise,
So will the LORD of hosts come down to wage war on Mount Zion and on its hill.”
5 Likea Or hoveringflying birds so the LORD of hosts will protect Jerusalem.
He will protect and deliver it;
He will pass over and rescue it.
6 Return to Him from whomb Lit theyyou have deeply defected, O sons of Israel. 7 For in that day every man will cast away his silver idols and his gold idols, which your sinful hands have made for you as a sin.
8 And the Assyrian will fall by a sword not of man,
And a sword not of man will devour him.
So he willc Lit fleenot escape the sword,
And his young men will become forced laborers.
9 “His rock will pass away because of panic,
And his princes will be terrified at the standard,”
Declares the LORD, whose fire is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.

Isaiah, Chapter 32

1 And princes will rule justly.
2 Behold, a king will reign righteously
2 Each will be like a refuge from the wind
And a shelter from the storm,
Likea Lit canalsstreams of water in a dry country,
Like the shade of ab Lit heavyhuge rock inc Lit an exhausteda parched land.
3 Then the eyes of those who see will not bed Or turned awayblinded,
And the ears of those who hear will listen.
4 Thee Lit heartmind of the hasty will discern thef Lit knowledgetruth,
And the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak clearly.
5 No longer will the fool be called noble,
Or the rogue be spoken of as generous.
6 For a fool speaks nonsense,
And his heartg Or doesinclines toward wickedness:
To practice ungodliness and to speak error against the LORD,
Toh Lit make empty the hungry soulkeep the hungry person unsatisfied
Andi Lit he causes to lackto withhold drink from the thirsty.
7 As for a rogue, his weapons are evil;
He devises wicked schemes
To destroy the afflicted withj Lit words of falsehoodslander,
Even though the needy one speaksk Lit justlywhat is right.
8 But the noble man devises noble plans;
And by noble plans he stands.
9 Rise up, you women who are at ease,
And hear my voice;
Give ear to my word,
You complacent daughters.
10 Within a year and a few days
You will be troubled, O complacent daughters;
For the vintage is ended,
And the fruit gathering will not come.
11 Tremble, you women who are at ease;
Be troubled, you complacent daughters;
Strip, undress and put sackcloth on your waist,
12 Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine,
13 For the land of my people in which thorns and briars shall come up;
Yea, for all the joyful houses and for the jubilant city.
14 Because the palace has been abandoned, thel Lit multitude of thepopulated city forsaken.
m Or OphelHill and watch-tower have become caves forever,
A delight for wild donkeys, a pasture for flocks;
15 Until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high,
And the wilderness becomes a fertile field,
And the fertile field is considered as a forest.
16 Then justice will dwell in the wilderness
And righteousness will abide in the fertile field.
17 And the work of righteousness will be peace,
And the service of righteousness, quietness andn Or securityconfidence forever.
18 Then my people will live in a peaceful habitation,
And in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places;
19 And it will hail when the forest comes down,
And the city will be utterly laid low.
20 How blessed will you be, you who sow beside all waters,
Whoo Lit send out the foot of the oxlet out freely the ox and the donkey.

Isaiah, Chapter 33

1 While you were not destroyed;
And he who is treacherous, while others did not deal treacherously with him.
As soon as you finish destroying, you will be destroyed;
As soon as you cease to deal treacherously, others will deal treacherously with you.
2 Woe to you, O destroyer,
2 O LORD, be gracious to us; we have waited for You.
Bea Some versions read ourtheirb Lit armstrength every morning,
Our salvation also in the time of distress.
3 At the sound of the tumult peoples flee;
At the lifting up of Yourself nations disperse.
4 Your spoil is gathered as the caterpillar gathers;
As locusts rushing about men rush about on it.
5 The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high;
He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness.
6 And He will be thec Or faithfulnessstability of your times,
A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge;
The fear of the LORD is his treasure.
7 Behold, their brave men cry ind Lit the outsidethe streets,
Thee Lit messengersambassadors of peace weep bitterly.
8 The highways are desolate,f Lit he who passes along the waythe traveler has ceased,
He has broken the covenant, he has despised the cities,
He has no regard for man.
9 The land mourns and pines away,
Lebanon is shamed and withers;
Sharon is like a desert plain,
And Bashan and Carmelg Lit shake offlose their foliage.
10 “Now I will arise,” says the LORD,
“Now I will be exalted, now I will be lifted up.
11 “You have conceivedh Lit dry grasschaff, you will give birth to stubble;
i So one ancient version; M.T. reads Your breath willMy breath will consume you like a fire.
12 “The peoples will be burned to lime,
Like cut thorns which are burned in the fire.
13 “You who are far away, hear what I have done;
And you who are near,j Lit knowacknowledge My might.”
14 Sinners in Zion are terrified;
Trembling has seized the godless.
“Who among us can live with the consuming fire?
Who among us can live withk Lit everlastingcontinual burning?”
15 He who walks righteously and speaks with sincerity,
He who rejectsl Lit gain of extortionersunjust gain
And shakes his hands so that they hold no bribe;
He who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed
And shuts his eyes from looking upon evil;
16 He will dwell on the heights,
His refuge will be them Lit stronghold of rockimpregnable rock;
His bread will be given him,
His water will be sure.
17 Your eyes will see the King in His beauty;
They will behold a far-distant land.
18 Your heart will meditate on terror:
“Where is he who counts?
Where is he who weighs?
Where is he who counts the towers?”
19 You will no longer see a fierce people,
A people ofn Lit deepness of lipunintelligible speecho Lit from hearingwhich no one comprehends,
Of a stammering tonguep Lit there is no understandingwhich no one understands.
20 Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts;
Your eyes will see Jerusalem, an undisturbed habitation,
A tent which will not be folded;
Its stakes will never be pulled up,
Nor any of its cords be torn apart.
21 But there the majestic One, the LORD, will be for us
A place of rivers and wide canals
On which no boat with oars will go,
And on which no mighty ship will pass—
22 For the LORD is our judge,
The LORD is our lawgiver,
The LORD is our king;
He will save us—
23 Your tackle hangs slack;
It cannot hold the base of its mast firmly,
Nor spread out the sail.
Then the prey of an abundant spoil will be divided;
The lame will take the plunder.
24 And no resident will say, “I am sick”;
The people who dwellq Lit in itthere will be forgiven their iniquity.

Isaiah, Chapter 34

1 Let the earth anda Lit its fullnessall it contains hear, and the world and all that springs from it.
2 Draw near, O nations, to hear; and listen, O peoples!
2 For the LORD’S indignation is against all the nations,
And His wrath against all their armies;
He hasb Lit put under the banutterly destroyed them,
He has given them over to slaughter.
3 So their slain will be thrown out,
And their corpsesc Lit their stench will go upwill give off their stench,
And the mountains willd Lit dissolvebe drenched with their blood.
4 And all the host of heaven wille Lit rotwear away,
And the sky will be rolled up like a scroll;
All their hosts will also wither away
As a leaf withers from the vine,
Or as one withers from the fig tree.
5 For My sword is satiated in heaven,
Behold it shall descend for judgment upon Edom
And upon the people whom I have devoted to destruction.
6 The sword of the LORD is filled with blood,
It isf Lit made fatsated with fat, with the blood of lambs and goats,
With the fat of the kidneys of rams.
For the LORD has a sacrifice in Bozrah
And a great slaughter in the land of Edom.
7 Wild oxen will alsog Lit go downfall with them
And young bulls with strong ones;
Thus their land will be soaked with blood,
And their dusth Lit made fatbecome greasy with fat.
8 For the LORD has a day of vengeance,
A year of recompense for thei Or controversycause of Zion.
9 j I.e. Edom’sIts streams will be turned into pitch,
And its loose earth into brimstone,
And its land will become burning pitch.
10 It will not be quenched night or day;
Its smoke will go up forever.
From generation to generation it will be desolate;
None will pass through it forever and ever.
11 Butk Or owl or jackdawpelican and hedgehog will possess it,
Andl Or great horned owlowl and raven will dwell in it;
And He will stretch over it the line ofm Or formlessnessdesolation
And then Lit stones of voidplumb line of emptiness.
12 Its nobles—there is no one there
Whom they may proclaim king—
And all its princes will be nothing.
13 Thorns will come up in its fortified towers,
Nettles and thistles in its fortified cities;
It will also be a haunt of jackals
And an abode of ostriches.
14 The desert creatures will meet with theo Or howling creatureswolves,
Thep Or demonhairy goat also will cry to its kind;
Yes, theq Heb Lilithnight monster will settle there
And will find herself a resting place.
15 The tree snake will make its nest and lay eggs there,
And it will hatch and gather them under itsr Lit shadeprotection.
Yes, thes Or kiteshawks will be gathered there,
Every one with its kind.
16 Seek from the book of the LORD, and read:
Not one of these will be missing;
None will lack its mate.
Fort So DSS; M.T. MyHis mouth has commanded,
And His Spirit has gathered them.
17 He has cast the lot for them,
And His hand has divided it to them by line.
They shall possess it forever;
From generation to generation they will dwell in it.

Isaiah, Chapter 35

1 And thea Or desertArabah will rejoice and blossom;
Like the crocus
2 The wilderness and the desert will be glad,
2 It will blossom profusely
And rejoice with rejoicing and shout of joy.
The glory of Lebanon will be given to it,
The majesty of Carmel and Sharon.
They will see the glory of the LORD,
The majesty of our God.
3 Encourage theb Lit slack handsexhausted, and strengthen thec Lit tottering kneesfeeble.
4 Say to those with anxious heart,
“Take courage, fear not.
Behold, your God will come with vengeance;
The recompense of God will come,
But He will save you.”
5 Then the eyes of the blind will be opened
And the ears of the deaf will be unstopped.
6 Then the lame will leap like a deer,
And the tongue of the mute will shout for joy.
For waters will break forth in the wilderness
And streams in thed Or desertArabah.
7 Thee Or miragescorched land will become a pool
And the thirsty ground springs of water;
In the haunt of jackals, its resting place,
Grass becomes reeds and rushes.
8 A highway will be there, a roadway,
And it will be called the Highway of Holiness.
The unclean will not travel on it,
But it will be for him who walks that way,
And fools will not wander on it.
9 No lion will be there,
Nor will any vicious beast go up on it;
f Lit ItThese will not be found there.
But the redeemed will walk there,
10 And the ransomed of the LORD will return
And come with joyful shouting to Zion,
With everlasting joy upon their heads.
They willg Lit overtakefind gladness and joy,
And sorrow and sighing will flee away.

Isaiah, Chapter 36

1 Now in the fourteenth year of King Hezekiah, Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against all the fortified cities of Judah and seized them. 2 And the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem to King Hezekiah with a large army. And he stood by the conduit of the upper pool on the highway of thea I.e. launderer’sfuller’s field. 3 Then Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah the son of Asaph, the recorder, came out to him.
4 Then Rabshakeh said to them, “Say now to Hezekiah, ‘Thus says the great king, the king of Assyria, “What is this confidence that youb Lit trusthave? 5 I say, ‘Your counsel and strength for the war are onlyc Lit words of lipsempty words.’ Now on whom do you rely, that you have rebelled against me? 6 Behold, you rely on the staff of this crushed reed, even on Egypt, on which if a man leans, it will go into hisd Lit palmhand and pierce it. So is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who rely on him. 7 But if you say to me, ‘We trust in the LORD our God,’ is it not He whose high places and whose altars Hezekiah has taken away and has said to Judah and to Jerusalem, ‘You shall worship before this altar’? 8 Now therefore,e Lit please exchange pledgescome make a bargain with my master the king of Assyria, and I will give you two thousand horses, if you are able on your part to set riders on them. 9 How then can youf Lit turn away the face ofrepulse oneg Or governorofficial of the least of my master’s servants andh Lit rely on for yourselfrely on Egypt for chariots and for horsemen? 10 Have I now come upi Lit without the Lordwithout the LORD’S approval against this land to destroy it? The LORD said to me, ‘Go up against this land and destroy it.’”’”
11 Then Eliakim and Shebna and Joah said to Rabshakeh, “Speak now to your servants in Aramaic, for wej Lit hearunderstand it; and do not speak with us ink I.e. HebrewJudean in the hearing of the people who are on the wall.” 12 But Rabshakeh said, “Has my master sent me only to your master and to you to speak these words, and not to the men who sit on the wall, doomed to eat their own dung and drink their own urine with you?”
13 Then Rabshakeh stood and cried with a loud voice in Judean and said, “Hear the words of the great king, the king of Assyria. 14 Thus says the king, ‘Do not let Hezekiah deceive you, for he will not be able to deliver you; 15 nor let Hezekiah make you trust in the LORD, saying, “The LORD will surely deliver us, this city will not be given into the hand of the king of Assyria.” 16 Do not listen to Hezekiah,’ for thus says the king of Assyria, ‘l Lit Make with me a blessingMake your peace with me and come out to me, and eat each of his vine and each of his fig tree and drink each of the waters of his own cistern, 17 until I come and take you away to a land like your own land, a land of grain and new wine, a land of bread and vineyards. 18 Beware that Hezekiah does not mislead you, saying, “The LORD will deliver us.” Has any one of the gods of the nations delivered his land from the hand of the king of Assyria? 19 Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim? And when have they delivered Samaria from my hand? 20 Who among all the gods of these lands have delivered their land from my hand, that the LORD would deliver Jerusalem from my hand?’”
21 But they were silent and answered him not a word; for the king’s commandment was, “Do not answer him.” 22 Then Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe and Joah the son of Asaph, the recorder, came to Hezekiah with their clothes torn and told him the words of Rabshakeh.

Isaiah, Chapter 37

1 And when King Hezekiah heard it, he tore his clothes, covered himself with sackcloth and entered the house of the LORD. 2 Then he sent Eliakim who was over the household with Shebna the scribe and the elders of the priests, covered with sackcloth, to Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz. 3 They said to him, “Thus says Hezekiah, ‘This day is a day of distress, rebuke and rejection; for children have come to birth, and there is no strength toa Lit give birthdeliver. 4 Perhaps the LORD your God will hear the words of Rabshakeh, whom his master the king of Assyria has sent to reproach the living God, and will rebuke the words which the LORD your God has heard. Therefore, offer a prayer for the remnant that is left.’”
5 So the servants of King Hezekiah came to Isaiah. 6 Isaiah said to them, “Thus you shall say to your master, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Do not be afraid because of the words that you have heard, with which the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed Me. 7 Behold, I will put a spirit in him so that he will hear a rumor and return to his own land. And I will make him fall by the sword in his own land.”’”
8 Then Rabshakeh returned and found the king of Assyria fighting against Libnah, for he had heard thatb Lit hethe king had left Lachish. 9 When he heard them say concerning Tirhakah king ofc Or EthiopiaCush, “He has come out to fight against you,” and when he heard it he sent messengers to Hezekiah, saying, 10 “Thus you shall say to Hezekiah king ofd Lit Judah, sayingJudah, ‘Do not let your God in whom you trust deceive you, saying, “Jerusalem will not be given into the hand of the king of Assyria.” 11 Behold, you have heard what the kings of Assyria have done to all the lands, destroying them completely. So will you bee Lit deliveredspared? 12 Did the gods off Lit thethose nations which my fathers have destroyed deliver them, even Gozan and Haran and Rezeph and the sons of Eden who were in Telassar? 13 Where is the king of Hamath, the king of Arpad, the king of the city of Sepharvaim, and of Hena and Ivvah?’”
14 Then Hezekiah took theg Lit lettersletter from the hand of the messengers and read it, and he went up to the house of the LORD andh Lit Hezekiah spreadspread it out before the LORD. 15 Hezekiah prayed to the LORD saying, 16 “O LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are the God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth. 17 Incline Your ear, O LORD, and hear; open Your eyes, O LORD, and see; and listen to all the words of Sennacherib, who sent them to reproach the living God. 18 Truly, O LORD, the kings of Assyria have devastated all the countries and their lands, 19 and have cast their gods into the fire, for they were not gods but the work of men’s hands, wood and stone. So they have destroyed them. 20 Now, O LORD our God, deliver us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone, LORD,i So DSS and 2 Kin 19:19; M.T. omits Godare God.”
21 Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent word to Hezekiah, saying, “Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Because you have prayed to Me about Sennacherib king of Assyria, 22 this is the word that the LORD has spoken against him:
“She has despised you and mocked you,
The virgin daughter of Zion;
She has shaken her head behind you,
The daughter of Jerusalem!
23 “Whom have you reproached and blasphemed?
And against whom have you raised your voice
Andj Lit on highhaughtily lifted up your eyes?
Against the Holy One of Israel!
24 “Through your servants you have reproached the Lord,
And you have said, ‘With my many chariots I came up to the heights of the mountains,
To the remotest parts of Lebanon;
And I cut down its tall cedars and its choice cypresses.
And I will go to itsk Lit farthest heighthighest peak, its thickest forest.
25 ‘I dug wells and drank waters,
And with the sole of my feet I dried up
All the rivers ofl Or the besieged placeEgypt.’
26 “Have you not heard?
Long ago I did it,
From ancient times I planned it.
Now I have brought it to pass,
That you should turn fortified cities into ruinous heaps.
27 “Therefore their inhabitants were short of strength,
They were dismayed and put to shame;
They were as the vegetation of the field and as the green herb,
As grass on the housetopsm So DSS and 2 Kin 19:26; M.T. as a plowed fieldis scorched before it is grown up.
28 “But I know your sitting down
And your going out and your coming in
And your raging against Me.
29 “Because of your raging against Me
And because yourn Lit complacencyarrogance has come up to My ears,
Therefore I will put My hook in your nose
And My bridle in your lips,
And I will turn you back by the way which you came.
30 “Then this shall be the sign for you:o Lit eatingyou will eat this year what grows of itself, in the second year what springs from the same, and in the third year sow, reap, plant vineyards and eat their fruit. 31 The surviving remnant of the house of Judah will again take root downward and bear fruit upward. 32 For out of Jerusalem will go forth a remnant and out of Mount Zionp Lit those who escapesurvivors. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.”’
33 “Therefore, thus says the LORD concerning the king of Assyria, ‘He will not come to this city or shoot an arrow there; and he will not come before it with a shield, or throw up a siege ramp against it. 34 By the way that he came, by the same he will return, and he will not come to this city,’ declares the LORD. 35 ‘For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake.’”
36 Then the angel of the LORD went out and struck 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians; and whenq Lit theymen arose early in the morning, behold, all of these werer Lit dead bodiesdead. 37 So Sennacherib king of Assyria departed ands Lit went and returnedreturned home and lived at Nineveh. 38 It came about as he was worshiping in the house of Nisroch his god, that Adrammelech and Sharezer his sons killed him with the sword; and they escaped into the land of Ararat. And Esarhaddon his son became king in his place.

Isaiah, Chapter 38

1 In those days Hezekiah becamea Lit sick to the point of deathmortally ill. And Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz came to him and said to him, “Thus says the LORD, ‘Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live.’” 2 Then Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the LORD, 3 and said, “Remember now, O LORD, I beseech You, how I have walked before You in truth and with a whole heart, and have done what is good in Your sight.” And Hezekiah weptb Lit great weepingbitterly.
4 Then the word of the LORD came to Isaiah, saying, 5 “Go and say to Hezekiah, ‘Thus says the LORD, the God of your father David, “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; behold, I will add fifteen years to yourc Lit dayslife. 6 I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city.”’
7 “This shall be the sign to you from the LORD, that the LORD will do this thing that He has spoken: 8 Behold, I will cause the shadow on the stairway, which has gone down with the sun on the stairway of Ahaz, to go back ten steps.” So the sun’s shadow went back ten steps on the stairway on which it had gone down.
9 A writing of Hezekiah king of Judah after his illness andd Lit he lived after his illnessrecovery:
10 I said, “In the middle of mye Lit dayslife
I am to enter the gates of Sheol;
I am to be deprived of the rest of my years.”
11 I said, “I will not see the LORD,
The LORD in the land of the living;
I will look on man no more among the inhabitants of the world.
12 “Like a shepherd’s tent my dwelling is pulled up and removed from me;
As a weaver I rolled up my life.
He cuts me off from the loom;
From day until night You make an end of me.
13 “I composed my soul until morning.
Like a lion—so He breaks all my bones,
From day until night You make an end of me.
14 “Like a swallow, like a crane, so I twitter;
I moan like a dove;
My eyes look wistfully to the heights;
O Lord, I am oppressed, be my security.
15 “What shall I say?
f Targum and DSS read And what shall I say for HeFor He has spoken to me, and He Himself has done it;
I will wander about all my years because of the bitterness of my soul.
16 “O Lord, by these things men live,
And in all these is the life of my spirit;
g Lit You willO restore me to health and let me live!
17 “Lo, for my own welfare I had great bitterness;
It is You who hash So some versions; Heb lovedkept my soul from the pit ofi Or destructionnothingness,
For You have cast all my sins behind Your back.
18 “For Sheol cannot thank You,
Death cannot praise You;
Those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your faithfulness.
19 “It is the living who give thanks to You, as I do today;
A father tells his sons about Your faithfulness.
20 “The LORD will surely save me;
So we will play my songs on stringed instruments
All the days of our life at the house of the LORD.”
21 Now Isaiah had said, “Let them take a cake of figs and apply it to the boil, that he may recover.” 22 Then Hezekiah had said, “What is the sign that I shall go up to the house of the LORD?”

Isaiah, Chapter 39